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25 minutes = 50 sit ups

The term EMS training raises many questions at the same time. You too will probably know it when you get to know a new concept and inform yourself a little about the topic.

The following questions are the most common in relation to EMS abdominal training:

  • Can you really build up the abdominal muscles with the electrical impulses?
  • How often do I have to train a week to see results?
  • Is EMS training for the abdomen more effective than a workout?

Above all, however, one comparison stands out. Because the EMS abdominal training for 25 minutes should be just as effective as 50 sit-ups.

Can this really be? Many of the women who want to test EMS training are a little skeptical at first, and rightly so.

At first glance, EMS training seems almost too good to be true.


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The area of ​​abdominal training in particular is a clear hurdle for many women. Long workouts with sit-ups and other exercises get you nowhere and all that's left is frustration. Now the EMS training with the specific abdominal training should be the solution? Here you can find out what is really behind it.

How does EMS abdominal training work?

To understand how 25 minutes of EMS training can be as effective as 50 sit-ups, it is first necessary to understand the background of the electrical impulses on your body. So how exactly does EMS abdominal training work?

The main focus of the EMS training is the activation of the muscles. The EMS trainer for your abdomen contains small electrodes that send electrical impulses through your skin as soon as you attach the trainer to the abdominal area.

The study by the University of Bamberg , where EMS training was generally examined, also dealt with the abdominal muscles. The result clearly stated that abdominal stimulators, such as the EMS trainer, can help to tighten the muscles in the middle section.

This happens mainly because the blood flow is activated by the vibrations of the impulses and the muscles contract.

How does EMS abdominal training work for you?

Whether the EMS abdominal training works for you in the same way as the 50 sit-ups can be viewed individually. It is clear that the EMS can be compared to a workout for the abdomen, but cannot be brought directly to the same level. Because the main thing that decides whether it works for you is your goal for your abdominal muscles.

For example, if you are looking for continuous muscle activation and muscle building, then EMS training is a good option and in this case works just as well as 50 sit-ups. It is also possible to strengthen your abdominal muscles with EMS training, so the training can always replace a workout for you.

However, if your goal is to build a six pack abs and your focus is on building strong muscle, you may be disappointed. Because in this case you can hardly equate the EMS abdominal training with the 50 sit-ups.

However, it's also important to note that if you were to do more than 50 sit-ups, you'd most likely opt for a long and effective workout that included a radical dietary change. So before you make the comparison, it's important to look at the bigger picture.

This is what EMS abdominal training can do

The following points explain what EMS abdominal training can do and what exactly you can expect from it.

  • EMS stimulates your abdominal muscles by contracting them - this applies to both sit-ups and abdominal training with EMS. With both methods, the muscles are stimulated and activated.
  • EMS strengthens the muscles - An important point is the strengthening of your muscles through EMS training. With regular use, you can notice a tightening of the muscle mass in the abdominal area. A similar effect can also be expected from regular sit-ups.

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