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25 minutes = 50 sit ups

The concept of EMS training raises many questions at the same time. Especially with a new concept, scepticism is completely justified at the beginning.

The following questions are the most common with regard to EMS abdominal training:

  • Can the electrical impulses really build up the abdominal muscles?
  • How often do I have to train per week to see success?
  • Is EMS training for the abdomen more effective than a workout?

Above all, however, one comparison stands out. Because EMS abdominal training for 25 minutes is supposed to be just as effective as 50 sit-ups.

Can that really be true? Many people who want to try EMS training are a little sceptical at first. Therefore, it is worth taking a look at the area of the abdominal muscles in relation to EMS training.


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Abdominal training is an integral part of any fitness routine. At the same time, it is not exactly the most popular. Now EMS training with specific abdominal training is supposed to be the solution? Here we explain what's really behind it.

How does EMS abdominal training work?

To understand how 25 minutes of EMS training can be as effective as 50 sit-ups, you first need to understand the background of the electrical impulses on your body. So how exactly does EMS abdominal training work?

The main focus of EMS training is the activation of the muscles. The EMS trainer for your abdomen contains small electrodes that send electrical impulses through your skin as soon as you attach the trainer to the abdominal area.

The study by the University of Bamberg , where EMS training was generally investigated, also looked at the abdominal muscles. The result clearly stated that abdominal stimulators, such as the EMS trainer, can help to tone the muscles in the midsection.

This happens mainly because the blood flow is activated by the vibrations of the impulses and the muscles contract.

How does EMS abdominal training work for you?

Whether EMS abdominal training works for you in the same way as 50 sit-ups can be considered individually. It is clear that a session with the EMS trainers and a workout for the abdomen are fundamentally similar, but cannot be put directly on the same level. Because the decisive factor in whether it makes a noticeable difference is above all the individual goal for the abdominal muscles.

For example, if you are looking for continuous muscle activation and muscle building, then EMS training is a good option and has a comparable effect to sit-ups. It is also possible to strengthen the abdominal muscles with EMS training, so this can work as a good addition to a general workout.

However, if the goal is to build a six-pack and the focus is on a strong muscle build-up, a differentiation should be made. Because in this case, it is difficult to equate EMS abdominal training with 50 sit-ups. For this goal, a generally long and effective workout including a change of diet should become part of the daily routine.

In general, EMS training can complement abdominal training. For example, other exercises can be added to the session with the trainers to provide variety and more enjoyment of the exercise.

This is what EMS abdominal training can do

The following points illustrate what EMS abdominal training can do and exactly what you can expect from it.

  • EMS stimulates your muscles in the abdominal area by contracting them - This applies to both sit-ups and abdominal training with EMS. Both methods stimulate and activate the muscles.
  • EMS strengthens the muscles - An important point is the strengthening of your muscles through EMS training. Through regular use you can notice a strengthening of the muscle mass in the abdominal area. A similar effect can be expected from regular sit-ups.

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