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6 facts about EMS training

What do you actually need to know about the increasingly well-known EMS training? The term seems to be popping up more and more and has certainly reached you.

Are you now thinking about starting EMS training yourself? Or do you just want some non-binding information before you decide to train regularly?

The following 6 facts tell you all the know-how you need to be convinced yourself. This will give you a more accurate picture of the concept and you will also understand why EMS training is so popular.


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The principle of EMS training has been known for a long time

You doubt that EMS training is really something useful? Or is it just a new trend with no direct effect?

No, it's not, because EMS training originally came from the rehabilitation sector. It has often been used there to prevent muscle atrophy after an injury.

The principle of EMS training is also not unknown in physiotherapy. Rather, it has been used here for many years to build targeted muscles. Athletes also use EMS training to increase their performance and appreciate the effect very much.

You don't have to be afraid of a shock

When you hear the term EMS, you think of the electric shock that is triggered. You don't have to have any concerns here, you can rest easy.

Because the impulses are in the so-called low-frequency range. This means they simply activate striated muscle, also known as skeletal muscle.

The risky areas, such as the heart muscle and smooth muscle, rather than organ muscles, are unaffected. So you can rest easy and look at the EMS training in a very positive way.

EMS training is simple but effective

You can already see clear results from EMS training in a short time. Because the EMS device only delivers an electrical impulse for around four seconds.

This is followed by a pause of four seconds. During the pulse, the exercise is stopped. The impulses stimulate the natural contraction of the muscles, which can then significantly increase the load on the muscles.

Even a simple squat can become extremely hard depending on your heart rate. This makes EMS training very effective, which is a clear advantage for you.

This fact convinces many women who want to try EMS training for themselves. The simple process and the positive effect on the body are arguments that are difficult to refuse.

EMS training has been proven by studies

You still don't really trust the whole thing? Then this fact will convince you: EMS training has been tested in studies and found to be very effective.

It has been proven to help build muscle very quickly and organically and to relieve tension.

Even the German Sports University in Cologne has now proven through studies that muscle growth of 14 percent took place after just six months of using EMS training.

So it is clear: EMS training is much more than just a fitness trend, it really works.

You can see results in up to six weeks

After just a few units, you can see the first advantages of EMS training. With the method, weight loss takes up to a maximum of six weeks and you can see an increase in strength after just five weeks.

You should train up to twice a week so that you have a good rhythm through EMS training and get into a healthy routine that can help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

If you are for fast results and want to take your personal fitness journey to the next level, then EMS training is the right choice.

The results are fast and effective and yet in no way harmful to your body - a total package that simply convinces.

The risks of EMS training are very low

Admittedly, when you think about the electrical impulses on the body, EMS training might seem a bit risky. But the risks are very small and hardly relevant for most users.

Apart from pregnant women and people with a pacemaker, there is no need to worry that EMS training could be harmful to the body and health.

If you are unsure about anything, always consult a doctor. Otherwise, like thousands of other women, you can rely on the principle of the training method and thus decide on a safe type of training that gives your body exactly what it needs.

Have these 6 facts about the popular EMS training convinced you?

So you got a little insight behind the scenes of the new type of training and can now find out for yourself whether you want to start EMS training with BODIFY .

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