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Local fat burning? - Experiences with Bodify EMS

Finally get a trained stomach or lose the excess fat on your forearms?

Only the top layer of fat on the lower abdomen prevents you from working on the abdominal muscles or your legs should simply be slimmer?

Not infrequently, local fat burning is a central topic when it comes to the absolute dream body.

But here the question quickly arises: is there really local fat burning and is this possible with the Bodify EMS?

While local fat burning seems almost impossible or very challenging in many of the conventional training methods, EMS training with Bodify at home offers a new possibility.

The method is no longer unknown for weight loss success - but what about local fat burning?

So, does EMS training not only succeed in losing weight, but also in local fat reduction? You can find out more here.

All about local fat burning

Experts are divided on the background of local fat burning. While some are convinced that local fat burning does not exist, others assume that it is indeed possible.

Regardless of this, there are certain areas on your body where you can notice the weight loss much faster. This can be shaped individually.

In order to make local fat burning and the weight loss process as effective as possible, a combination of EMS training and endurance is recommended.

Is it possible to specifically burn fat on the stomach, arms or legs?


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Targeted fat burning is particularly interesting on the stomach, arms and legs. But is that possible?

The answer is: Yes, you can.

Local fat burning can be implemented through specific training. And that is mainly possible with EMS training with Bodify.

This is based not only on field reports but also on studies that have examined the topic in detail .

A study from Italy that compares two groups of 16 untrained women is interesting here.

For 12 weeks, the participants train either a so-called upper body resistance training or a lower body resistance training three times a week.

These training units are combined with a bicycle ergometer or an arm ergometer.

The result shows how effective local fat burning can really be. While the lower body group showed clear changes in the legs, the upper body group burned more fat in the arms.

This underlines the theory that there is not only local fat burning, but that it can also be implemented really effectively with the right training.

Burn fat with Bodify

One piece of good news follows the next: yes, there is local fat burning. And yes, this is particularly possible with Bodify EMS.

Just how exactly does that work? The EMS trainers take local training to a whole new level. May we therefore introduce: the abdominal trainer Pro and the arm-leg trainer Pro from Bodify.

Bodify Pro Trainers are made for local muscle building and local fat burning .

The electrical impulses act selectively on the respective part of the body. In addition, you can easily decide for yourself how and what you want to train.

If your focus is on a tighter and trained stomach, you can easily attach the abdominal trainer Pro to your stomach and the electrical impulses will activate your abdominal muscles.

The same principle can also be seen in the leg and arm trainer. Here, too, the electrical impulses have a local effect and only activate the corresponding muscle group.

Thanks to this method, you can not only build up muscles locally, but also reduce the amount of fat on your arms, stomach or legs.

Local fat burning on the abdomen?

Although EMS can result in weight loss throughout the body, research has shown that EMS is able to specifically target the abdominal area .

As this is often a problem area, this is interesting and underscores the potential of EMS Bodify.

Experience shows that EMS training can help to lose weight from the middle of the body.

You should avoid this for local fat burning

Before you start your training with Bodify EMS motivated and with a clear focus, here are a few more tips that you should consider in order to carry out local fat burning as effectively as possible.

Because there is also a lot of know-how here that you should know. This applies to fat burning on the stomach, legs or arms.

You finally want to be able to achieve a flat and toned stomach and prepare yourself properly for the summer?

The first thought here leads to exclusively including abdominal exercises in your training routine. However, focusing exclusively on abdominal exercises is the wrong approach and can get in the way of local fat burning.

Even if you would like to lose more fat from your arms or legs, it is not effective to train only those parts of the body.

Rather, it is about a combination of targeted EMS training and endurance.

You can integrate the EMS abdominal trainer Pro or the arm-leg trainer Pro into your everyday life in addition to endurance exercises.

Of course, a more targeted use of the respective trainer is fundamental for the results at the desired point.

However, a pure focus on this would mean that you would have to wait much longer for the first changes.

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Therefore we advise you: vary between our abdominal trainers Pro from Bodify and also integrate a little endurance into your everyday life.

Simply test our EMS trainers from Bodify and finally get closer to your goals of local fat burning on your stomach, legs or arms - see for yourself!