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Fat Burning Myth: When is Fat Really Burned? - Studies on Bodify EMS

Who doesn't want to lose a few pounds of body fat?

Whether you want to look better for the summer or have general health and fitness goals, we're often looking for ways to lose fat so we can get the body we've always wanted.

Finally less fat on the ribs or legs.

The problem is that losing body fat can be complicated, mostly because everyone's body is different.

Therefore, there are numerous myths about fat burning that exist in and outside of the fitness world and are constantly being passed on.

Ultimately, burning fat is one of the most common goals in exercise.

It is not uncommon to hear that if you want to lose weight, you have to burn fat. But is that really true?

And most importantly, when is fat actually burned? How effective is fat burning with Bodify EMS training at home?

Everything you need to know about fat burning and the myth can be found here.

All about fat burning

Our bodies store calories as fat to keep us alive. Thus, it is a necessary part of how your body functions .

There are many myths that claim to increase fat burning. Examples include certain workouts, foods, or supplements that claim to make you burn more fat.


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The body gets energy from fat, carbohydrates and proteins. What source your body gets energy from depends on the type of activity you do.

Higher intensity exercises such as B. fast running, causes the body to rely on carbohydrates for fuel.

The metabolic pathways available to break down carbohydrates for energy are more efficient than those used to break down fat.

Fat is used more for energy than carbohydrates for long, slower workouts.

End the myth

When does fat burning actually start? Does this even require a particularly high intensity?

When you train at a lower intensity, you use more fat for energy . This basic premise led to the theory that more fat is burned when you train in a certain heart rate zone (about 55% to 65% of your maximum heart rate).

It is popularly said that fat is only burned after about 30 minutes. In fact, the fat is already burned after the first minute during EMS training .

So even shorter units can be effective and help you burn fat.

This is what the science says about burning fat

While on the one hand there is the experience of the users of EMS training, on the other hand science also provides the necessary evidence.

It is scientifically proven that EMS training is most effective for fat burning at the lower intensity levels .

This is shown by a study from 1993, which measures the consumption of calories by athletes at three different levels of exertion. A distinction is made between burning fat and burning carbohydrates.

The results clearly show that with a minimal load, fat burning clearly outweighs carbohydrates.

So it can be concluded that the slower the pace, the higher the percentage of fat burned. This in turn underlines the statement that fat burning is boosted more intensively at lower intensity levels.

One intensity level higher burns fat and carbohydrates evenly. At 85%, on the other hand, the percentage of fat continues to fall, but the burning of carbohydrates steadily increases.

Even if you shouldn't forget the total number of calories when calculating, it can still be said that a higher percentage of fat is burned at lower intensity or a slower running speed.

EMS training and fat burning

Thanks to the scientific basis, EMS training can also be examined more closely with a view to burning fat.

Again, the percentage of fat burn is highest at the lower intensity levels . This refers to the use of the EMS trainer up to level 10. From level 10 onwards, the percentage of fat burning decreases and muscle building is focused.

The different EMS trainers also add a bit of variety to fat burning. This can help you to stimulate each of your energy systems and also make your training more interesting and varied.

EMS training helps you burn energy. If your goal is to lose weight, you've come to the right place. Because if you want to lose weight, you have to burn energy.

You only get into a calorie deficit through high energy consumption, which is necessary when losing weight.

Everything at a glance

To finally put an end to the myth and complete your knowledge of fat burning with EMS, here are the most important facts at a glance:

  • Fat is burned after the first minute of training
  • In the lower and middle intensity levels, the percentage of fat burning is highest
  • From level 10, muscle building takes place
  • The higher the intensity, the higher the calorie consumption

Burn fat with EMS - is that possible?

In summary , if you want to burn fat effectively, EMS training with Bodify is the right choice.


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After the first minute that you use the EMS trainer, fat burning begins in your body.

So even the short units with Bodify in your everyday life are just the right thing to start effective fat burning.

Declare war on your fat and start now with EMS training from Bodify. Are you in?