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What does EMS training bring? | experiences

With Bodify you can bring the convincing principles of EMS training home and experience the benefits from the comfort of your own home.

Sounds very appealing, doesn't it? But what is behind it and why is EMS training with Bodify so suitable for home use?

Here you will find the important information.


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Lose weight with EMS

If you do the Bodify EMS training every two days and focus on a healthy diet, the pounds will drop.

Many women report the first successes after the first 8 weeks, for others it takes up to 10 weeks. Of course, you have to show the necessary discipline here too and go through with the training.

This is the only way to avoid the well-known yo-yo effect or have to wait a long time for the necessary results.

High flexibility and independence

The good thing about Bodify's EMS training is the high degree of flexibility and independence.

In this way, you can incorporate training with the EMS trainers into your everyday life and, in comparison, you spend very little time.

EMS training for at home

Are you struggling to incorporate sport into everyday life and still don't want to neglect your fitness routine?

Then Bodify is the right choice. With the EMS trainers you can stimulate your muscles during household chores or in the evening on the sofa and do something for your fitness at any time.

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