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As soon as you start your training, your trainer goes through a varied training program . During the training, this changes between the different levels. However, you can set your initial strength individually . Regardless of your training level, we advise you not to go beyond the first 4 (of 15) levels at first. Get used to our trainers and familiarize yourself with them before moving to higher levels.

Our BODIFY ® EMS technology:

  • Rechargeable: The controller is also a power station and has an integrated, powerful lithium-ion battery. Therefore you do not need external batteries and can protect the environment.
  • 3D muscle training: The EMS stimulation frequency will train different areas of your muscle fiber spectrum in a 3D process. In this way, your entire muscle is trained evenly and growth is stimulated.
  • ActiveScin® function: Automatically detects whether there is skin contact. If this is interrupted, your training will be automatically interrupted.
  • Massage function: After a hard workout, use our massage function to reduce muscle soreness and cramps. Your muscle fibers are massaged with low-frequency current and relaxed by gentle vibrations.
  • Reusable money pads: Our BODIFY ® gel pads meet medical requirements and are gentle and harmless to your skin. The high quality of the pads also allows them to be reused as often as you like. Just make sure that you remove creams and soap residue before use.