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12 week Bodify hip trainer pro test

No more loose jumpers or T-shirts that cover my bottom. I finally wanted to be proud of it, feel comfortable in tight clothes and cut a good figure in my favourite bikini on the beach in summer.

For some time now, I had been doing leg and pot training to shape my bottom and work on it. Unfortunately, I haven't had much success, mainly because going to the gym often takes a lot of effort.

Leaving the house alone and then having to work with heavy weights to see progress was a big hurdle for me. So I was all the more interested when I heard about EMS training with Bodify.

A butt trainer that would show me the first results in just a few weeks? And all from the comfort of my own home?

I simply had to test it and so I tested the Potrainer Pro from Bodfiy for 12 weeks. Not only has my workout routine finally improved, but I already feel much better about my butt.

Why should you train your hip?

The importance of potraining is indeed not only about visual reasons. But while on the one hand it's a nice feeling to enjoy looking at your backside in the mirror, there are also other reasons that I got to know during the 12 weeks with Bodify.

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So strong gluteal muscles mean fewer injuries and are also hugely important for everyone.

The gluteal complex is the powerhouse of our body. It is also the largest and strongest muscle in the body - at least it should be.

It doesn't matter whether you are an athlete or not: all people need strong gluteal muscles. Because whether you realise it or not, our glutes do so much for us every day. The gluteal muscles are constantly being used and are essential to our bodies.

Activating the pomus muscles is therefore important to prevent injuries and also to strengthen our lower back.

In the 12 weeks I noticed how I got more stability and the training with EMS also improved my posture.

Strong glutes also improve balance, because improved gluteal strength means improved balance, and improved balance means improved quality of life into old age. So there are a lot of reasons why we should exercise our buttocks more often. And with EMS, it's super easy too.

These muscles are the ones that actually strengthen the legs. Whether you're looking for strong legs or strong glutes, the key is to strengthen the glutes.

Alles über den neuen Po Trainer Pro

But what can the Bodify hip trainer pro do? And why did it convince me so much of its performance during these 12 weeks? The Bodify EMS butt trainer is by far the most powerful trainer and enables a significant increase in muscle building.

It was immediately clear to me that I wanted to start this journey with the trainer, because it convinced me at first sight. It adapts to every hip size and is therefore suitable for every customer. It attacks the body fat in the area around the buttocks and thus hardly gives it a chance. Thus, muscle building and fat burning are combined, which leads to lasting results.

You can also choose from a total of 15 different levels with different intensities. At the beginning, I started with a low level and was then able to increase week by week. This makes the Potrainer Pro from Bodify perfect for every woman.

How does the training feel like?

I was a little sceptical at first. Especially with regard to how the Potrainer Pro would feel on my skin. I could hardly imagine that it would be a pleasant feeling. However, I was quickly proven wrong.

After only a few uses, I got completely used to the feeling. As the Potrainer Pro adapted perfectly to my body shape, it was a pleasant feeling to wear.

The electrical impulses are also very noticeable. For me, however, this was not an unpleasant feeling, but rather interesting to feel how my muscles are activated. Especially after the first training sessions, I felt my buttocks the next day.

This gave me a good feeling, because I realised that the training with Bodify was really doing its job. It's a great feeling that has motivated me for the whole 12 weeks.

How well does the hip trainer fit?

Even after numerous uses over the 12 weeks, I can say that the potrainer holds on like a bomb. It feels like a second skin on the buttocks and hugs the hips. In addition, the Potrainer Pro is easy to attach to the body and the trainer is in place in just a few simple steps.

How often should I replace the pads?

The pads need to be changed after about 8 weeks. But this is as easy and uncomplicated as the application itself.

The training with the hiptrainer pro

The EMS training technique allows you to tone and strengthen the different fibres that make up the different muscle groups. I varied the training in the different intensity levels and also incorporated different exercises.

In this way, I was able to establish a training routine that suited me during the 12 weeks, which not only proved to be effective, but was also fun. This is a combination that I have missed in sports so far and have now found again thanks to EMS.

I find the training with the EMS Potrainer Pro to be varied and I was also able to integrate it into my everyday life without any problems. It's an uncomplicated training method that has simply proven itself for me and that immediately after the first units.

By combining EMS with an adapted diet and exercise in everyday life, I was able to make ideal use of the training with Bodify. For me, it was exactly this combination that worked and ultimately led to the results.

What results do I get after training with the EMS hip trainer pro?

Let's now focus on how EMS training with Bodify helped me tone my glutes and what results were visible after the 12 week test. Personally, I was hoping for specific results from the training.

However, as I mentioned earlier, the results were not just visual. The strong glutes also resulted in good posture. I feel stronger in my lower back and I have also been able to burn fat in general. My hips and buttocks have lost fat and thanks to the combination with exercise in everyday life, clear results are visible.


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So finally I have achieved what I have wanted for so long. I already like looking at myself in the mirror and feel more than comfortable looking at my bottom. I can stop hiding under wide dresses and am happy to be able to emphasise my round bottom for once.

Thanks to Bodify and the Potrainer Pro, I have not only been able to strengthen my muscles, but I have also been able to take my self-confidence and body image to a whole new level. A journey over 12 weeks that I will now continue and can recommend to everyone!