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What is EMS training?

EMS stimulation uses low-frequency electrical currents that are sent as impulses to your muscles, activating your motor nerves and causing muscle contractions.

When toning your muscles, your body uses up energy because it relies on your energy reserves during muscle building. For over 50 years, EMS devices have been utilised to target and develop specific muscles or muscle groups.

Tone your muscles at home: The alternative to EMS studios

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Effect & Studies

Through the electrical impulses of our EMS trainers, your deep muscle layers are reached, resulting in stronger and more intense muscle contractions compared to conventional training.

Your muscle cells are stimulated by electric signals, and these signals are significantly larger and longer than natural nerve impulses. By adjusting the EMS stimulation frequency, different areas of the muscle spectrum can be targeted. The impulses are followed by short breaks. The electrical current triggers your muscles to contract. Regular EMS training, helps to tone your muscles.

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EMS trainer for home

BODIFY® EMS abdominal trainer pro

The Bodify abs trainer focuses specifically on the inner and external abs muscles. Through continuous use, you can achieve a stronger and firmer abdomen.

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BODIFY® EMS arm & leg trainer pro

The arm and leg trainer can be used flexibly and stimulates either your arm or leg muscles.

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BODIFY® EMS hip trainer pro

Our hip trainer focuses on the targeted stimulation of the hip muscles, effectively improves your hip line and tightens your buttocks.

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Frequently asked questions & answers

Does EMS training really work?

Yes! Bodify utilizes electronic muscle stimulation to simulate natural muscle contractions. This trains your muscles and stimulates them to grow. Through electro-stimulation, your muscle growth is accelerated, and your body consumes energy.

When do you start feeling results with EMS training?

With your EMS training, you will start feeling results within 4-12 weeks. During this time, you will feel your muscles getting stronger, and your body becoming firmer in the targeted areas.

How fast can you build muscle with EMS?

A study by the Cologne Sports University shows that muscle growth can be seen after just a few weeks. The muscle mass on the bodies of the participants increased by more than 14% after just under 4 weeks.

Does the body consume energy during EMS training?

Your muscles consume energy through training with electrical impulses. In this process, your body taps into its energy reserves. During a 25-minute training session, your body burns energy through the electrical impulses, which is equivalent to approximately half an hour of jogging.

EMS at home or in the studio? What is the right choice?

With Bodify you train all by yourself and can get to know EMS training for yourself. You save yourself the high costs and you can still see a difference in your body after just a few weeks. The effectiveness of your training at home is in no way inferior to that in a studio!

What does delivery in 2-4 days mean?

The shipment is sent directly from Germany with DHL. This allows us to guarantee fast delivery within an average of 2-4 business days. You will receive a tracking number for every order.

12 month guarantee on your trainer

With our EMS trainers, you're always covered. If something goes wrong with your controller or pads, we will send you a replacement free of charge for the first 12 months. Find more information here.

30 days right of return: do I really get my money back?

Yes! You can return all trainers within 30 days and we will refund your money without any ifs or buts. Find more information here.

How do I request a return?

Write us a message with the subject "Return" via the contact form. We will arrange your return immediately.