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The Bodify EMS Guide | operation manual

How do Bodify EMS trainers actually work? You have now received your trainers, but you are unsure how to use them correctly?

In just a few steps you are ready to get started with EMS and Bodify!

That means the buttons and how to use them properly

The performance pads

The performance pads make up the largest part of the individual trainers. This is the basis of the trainers. The pads are made of medical hydrogel and you can attach them to your body. Pay particular attention to the particularly good grip and the correct position.

The minus and the plus button

If you take a closer look at the trainers, you will come across the minus and the plus button. You can use these two buttons to regulate the intensity of your EMS training and adjust it depending on how you feel.

If the training is too hard for you, simply press the minus button and the intensity will decrease. If you have the feeling that you want to increase, then you regulate with the plus button.

The on/off button

The icon should look familiar and allows you to turn the trainer on or off. When you press the button, your deep muscles are stimulated and your EMS training begins.

When you have finished your unit, you press the button and you can then carefully remove the EMS trainer.

The M button

But what exactly does the M at the bottom of the controller mean? This is a massage function that you can use after your workout.

At Bodify, it's known as the post-workout massage. If you feel you need a little relaxation after the session, just press the M button. Then a very soothing and relaxing massage begins, which activates the same muscle groups. Your body can regenerate and you can relax a little after EMS training with Bodify.

The most important thing for you is that the controllers, i.e. the exact structure of the individual trainers, are identical. You have the same buttons on all three trainers, so you don't have to re-familiarize yourself with them.

Rather, there is a uniform system that makes it very easy for you. For the application itself, simply place the pads on the appropriate muscle group and adjust the position. This is comparatively easy, especially with the arm or butt trainers, since you can find the right position directly.

With the abdominal trainers you have a certain amount of freedom and can find the right posture. As soon as you have the pads on your body, all you have to do is press the PLAY button and your intensive EMS training with Bodify begins.

Of course, one must also note that the pads should be cleaned after a few uses. Due to sweat or other liquids, it is recommended for hygienic reasons that you clean your pads regularly.

This is actually very easy, because Bodify only recommends a little lukewarm water here. If you need new pads or need additional trainers, you can easily reorder them in the shop. So with Bodify you get an all-round service that is simply convincing.

But how exactly does this relate to the individual training levels that the EMS trainer specifies? What exactly do you need to know about this?

Intensity M

At the bottom you will find the intensity M. As already mentioned in the instructions, this is the massage function. So it's time to relax and switch off here.

Intensity 1-5

The lowest level is intensity 1-5. At Bodify, this is the entry-level level that you should use for your first workouts. In this way you prepare your body step by step for the electrical impulses and can get used to the feeling of EMS training.

Intensity 6-10

Do you want to burn fat first and foremost? Then it is best to use level 6-10. Because with this intensity, fat burning is stimulated and your body can deal with the significantly stronger impulses.

Intensity 11-15

For the professionals, the intensity 11-15 is well suited. In order to use these levels, you should already be experienced in EMS training and not overload your body unnecessarily. This level is particularly suitable for clear muscle building.

Here your body is more stressed and you can take full advantage of the EMS training. It's best to slowly approach the last step to prepare your body for the feeling.


💪 With this official user guide, you can now use Bodify trainers properly and effectively.