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One of the most frequently asked questions, apart from how it works, is whether the effectiveness of EMS training has been scientifically proven. Since EMS has been used successfully in sports for more than 50 years, there are numerous studies and research articles about it. Especially with sports therapists and top athletes, EMS training is a very popular training method to support muscle building and reduce fat. There are several studies that confirm the effectiveness of EMS training.


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The following studies have dealt with the topic and were able to show the following results:

  • Dr John P. Porcari (2018): The study tests the effects of EMS training on strength and endurance. In the controlled trial, an experimental group was compared to a control group. Results from this study show that strength and muscle size improved significantly. Here is the study
  • Alisa G. Anderson (2006): In this study, two groups were again compared with each other. The first group accompanied their training with EMS and the second did not. The body values of all subjects were recorded before the experiment. As a result, both groups received the same training plan for the same period of time. Due to the regular training, both groups have improved body values. The first group, which had accompanied their training with EMS, was able to record a significantly greater increase on average. The results show that EMS can support your training and make it significantly more effective. Here is the study
  • E. Ballantyne / Bernard Donne (1999): In this study, volunteers were divided into two comparable groups. The medial values of the abdominal muscles were determined from both groups and compared with the results after the experiment. The experimental group had trained with an EMS abdominal muscle trainer and the control group had not. While there were no significant changes in the control group, the experimental group showed significant muscle growth and a significant reduction in fat on average. Here is the study
  • German Sport University Cologne (2008): The aim of the study was to examine the effects of EMS on strength and agility. Different groups were formed, which had carried out different exercises in a controlled experiment. The experimental groups that trained using EMS were able to show significant improvements in maximum performance . Here is the study
  • These studies are just a sample of the research to date and there are many other research articles with insights into the effectiveness of EMS training. As part of our efforts, we support further research on studies.