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EMS studio vs. EMS training at home

EMS training can be done in two different ways. On the one hand, there is training at home with the professional EMS devices from Bodify and on the other hand, training in one of the many EMS studios.

These are becoming more and more popular and many people initially focus on training in the studio. The reason for this is often the lack of knowledge about how well EMS training can also be done at home.


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But which method is better and what are the differences between training in an EMS studio and training at home?

The training at home

Training at home with Bodify is characterised by a high degree of flexibility, freedom and independence. You can train when and where you want and are therefore not bound to the opening hours of a gym.

In addition, you can discover EMS all by yourself and you embark on your personal journey with Bodify. Just like in a professional EMS studio, you can do the 25-minute sessions several times a week and feel the desired results and changes within a short time.

A clear advantage, however, is the self-sufficiency that this type of EMS training brings. Many people appreciate this clear difference to training in a studio, because it makes it much easier to incorporate EMS into everyday life. The EMS units can also be ideally attached to a workout and linked to the additional routine.

The training in the studio

EMS training became known through medicine and especially through physiotherapy. In this context, the participants visited a studio where you get the electrical impulses with a special suit.

Many women immediately have the image of much more professionalism and faster results. However, there is no big difference to training at home.

Nevertheless, training in the studio can of course be a lot more structured. You have fixed times at which your EMS training takes place and the possibility to get advice.

For example, if you are on a health journey and also want to adapt your diet to your training plan, the EMS studio can help. Also, working out with a trainer is often more fun and more motivating.

Now that we have a good picture of both types of training, we can imagine how training with an EMS trainer can be done at home and how it is done in an EMS studio.

To give an even better picture, we will now look at the similarities and differences between the two types of training.

Similarities: you can get this at home and in the studio

Of course there are also some similarities, because the basis of the two training variants is ultimately identical. You can expect the same results from both EMS trainers.

The principle and the sequence are identical and the body receives the impulses in each case. The intensity and the resulting changes can also be equated with each other.

Even when training at home, you can already feel the first changes after a few weeks, similar to what the EMS studio makes possible.

For many, it is precisely this point that is decisive, because after all it is about the improvement and the effects of EMS training. Of course, with both types of training, you have to do it regularly in order to feel the first results and feel good in your body.

Differences: there are differences here

The first difference is already in the price. Training in a professional studio costs much more than training at home with Bodify.

Here, of course, you pay for the support of a trainer on site and the studio itself, among other things. So if you're looking for a comparatively inexpensive fitness routine, Bodify and home EMS are definitely the right choice.

Hygiene is also a clear focus of the differences. A so-called EMS suit is used in the studio. This hardly corresponds to the current hygiene measures and can therefore be a clear disadvantage.

With Bodify trainers, you can train at home with your own equipment and therefore don't have to worry about anything extra. The timing and flexibility are also worth mentioning here.

If you decide to train in a studio, you have to stick to the fixed times. A spontaneous session in the evening is hardly possible. The Bodify trainers turn EMS training into a home workout - flexible and can be done at any time.

At home or in the studio? What is the right choice?

You are now faced with a decision. After a detailed list of the advantages and disadvantages, it is clear that with the Bodify trainers you can experience all the benefits at home.


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This way you train all by yourself and can get to know EMS training. You save the high costs and can still feel the clear difference in your body after just a few weeks.

As you can see, EMS is above all very versatile - a factor that is convincing both in the studio and at home.

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