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Testing the new leg trainer Pro - Experiences after 12 weeks with Bodify

To be honest, I have often neglected my leg training in my previous workout routine. Working out my legs in the gym wasn't my first priority and apart from my walks, I hardly did anything good for them.

But now I came across Bodify and the EMS trainers. At first glance I knew: this could be exactly what I was looking for. An uncomplicated method to train my legs in a targeted way and that too, independent of time and place.

Here I take you on my journey with the leg trainer Pro from Bodify and share my experiences with you.

Why actually train the legs?

The importance of my leg training actually has several aspects. Firstly, exercising the legs can improve the health of the cardiovascular system. Since the leg muscles are a particularly large muscle group, they need a lot of oxygen. This stimulates blood circulation in the body.

Through the targeted activation of the lower body, the entire body gains more stability. By activating the leg muscles, the joints are supported, which not only improves posture but can also prevent injuries or strains.

Let me introduce: the new leg trainer Pro from Bodify

In my weeks with Bodify so far, I've been able to get to know the Leg Trainer Pro particularly well. That's why I'm introducing it here in more detail so that you can get a better picture.

The Leg Trainer Pro is by far the most powerful EMS leg trainer from Bodify and particularly effective for building up the muscles in your legs. By using it, a targeted energy burn can happen, which makes an effective leg workout possible for everyone, even at home.

As with the other Bodify EMS trainers, you will find different intensity levels on the Leg Trainer Pro, which allow you to regulate the training individually. You can adjust the levels yourself using the buttons on the leg trainer. The universal size and adjustable strap of the Leg Trainer Pro make it a good companion for everyone - regardless of body shape.

This is how the Leg Trainer Pro feels

Admittedly, the first few sessions felt a little strange. I could hardly believe that this would now stimulate the energy burn in my legs and that I would embark on the journey to my personal feel-good legs.

After just a few uses, however, the Bodify Leg Trainer Pro became firmly established in my daily routine and it was almost second nature. I got used to the EMS trainers on my skin and the pads actually hold bombproof. Because of its strap extension, the trainer has adapted ideally to my leg shape and sits as if it was made for me.


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I can feel the electrical impulses in my legs very well and have developed a completely new feeling for my legs. The slight muscle soreness the next day showed me once again: the training really does its job and my leg muscles are finally being used properly.

My training with the Leg Trainer Pro

My goal with EMS training: to strengthen the muscles in my legs and to feel good in my legs. Already after the first applications, I felt how specifically the Leg Trainer Pro activates and works my muscles.

My sessions with Bodify last 25 minutes each. In the first weeks, I started with a low intensity level and then increased step by step. In this way, I was also able to increase my energy burn in the legs and I could see progress.

My new routine with the Leg Trainer Pro from Bodify

With EMS my daily routine has changed. At the same time, I find it easier to integrate exercise into my daily routine. I can now activate the muscle building from home and I find more motivation and ambition for other activities, such as walks.

I usually use the Leg Trainer Pro after work and apply the pads to my legs. During the 25 minutes, I can clearly feel the activation of my muscles and notice how targeted the trainer can be. I choose the intensity level according to my feeling or progress.

I currently change the pads every 8 weeks. I was unsure about this at the beginning, but it is actually very easy and quick.

First results - what differences could I feel?

I was totally curious about the first noticeable differences in my legs through the EMS training. To increase the effect and generally support my body during the training, I combined the Leg Trainer Pro with additional exercise in everyday life. For me, this was not only a pleasant balance, but I was able to develop a new feeling in my body in general and found joy in movement. Through long walks and light endurance exercises, I am always one step closer to my feel-good legs.

My legs generally have a firmer appearance and I feel good from top to bottom when I look in the mirror. The muscle building has made a noticeable difference to my legs. I can also see that my posture has improved and I have gained more stability.

My personal conclusion

In summary: I am thrilled. In EMS training with Bodify, I have found a training method that I can ideally integrate into my everyday life. The newly discovered feeling for movement and the variety created by Bodify have definitely convinced me.

So for me it's clear: the leg trainer Pro will remain a part of my routine. Through EMS, I got to know my body in a new way and noticed noticeable changes through simple routines. So my journey with EMS continues - when will yours start?