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Belly-off tips: With Bodify EMS against belly fat

"How to lose belly fat", "How to get rid of belly fat" and "The best exercise to lose belly fat" are three of the most searched health terms on Google.

These search queries show how present the topic is in society and how strong the desire is to finally declare war on belly fat.

Finally getting a flat stomach and losing the fat so that the muscles are visible and the stomach looks generally more defined - for many this is the main goal of fitness.

Achieving this goal sounds tempting, but experience shows that it is far from easy. Because belly fat is stubborn...

Belly away and as quickly as possible - is that possible?

The problem is, when we want to lose our belly fat, we often set haphazard schedules.

Many of the so-called abdominal exercises are defined by titles such as "as efficient and as safe as possible" and the image is conveyed that there is a quick way to lose belly fat.

The belly-away tips are more about a sustainable method, so that the fat can also be trained out in the long term.

It's about adopting healthy habits and using Bodify EMS training properly.

Why is it so hard to lose belly fat?

Many people have belly fat. Or rather, everyone has it. Especially in women, the layer of fat above the abdomen serves to protect the most important organs of the body.

This is also one of the reasons why belly fat can be so stubborn. It can be disappointing when you don't see immediate results despite trying the recommended abs exercises online.

The reason why the weight loss process is so difficult is that it is only possible to a limited extent to lose weight exclusively on a specific part of the body.

Local fat burning is only possible to a limited extent and goes hand in hand with a generally healthy and fit lifestyle. The isolated abdominal exercises from the workouts on the Internet are only partially effective.

Because it is difficult to target belly fat. Rather, it's about general weight loss in combination with building muscle in the stomach - together with Bodify EMS training.

Top 3 belly-loss tips that really help

Here it is now: No more conventional tips for losing your stomach, which ultimately do not lead to the desired results.

These 3 tips really fight the belly fat and in combination with the Bodify EMS training you start your journey to a flatter and defined stomach.

Tip 1: Strengthen the muscles

The fight against belly fat cannot only happen by losing weight alone. Rather, the muscles on the abdomen also play a large and important role.

Therefore, one of the most important tips to lose your stomach is: strengthen your muscles.

And that is particularly effective with the new EMS Bodify abdominal trainer Pro . The abdominal trainer enables targeted muscle training on the abdomen and thus starts with local fat burning.

In addition to a general weight loss, you can also define your stomach. Due to the local fat burning and the simultaneous muscle building by Bodify, the abdominal muscles are finally becoming more visible.


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Tip 2: Sleep away the belly fat

Sleep off belly fat? And that should work?

According to a study in the American Journal of Epidemiology, there is actually an evidence-based link between sleep and belly fat. If there is a clear lack of sleep, we tend to be overweight and gain a lot of weight.

Sleep hours can also be related to calorie intake. Because if you sleep less, you have more appetite.

In order to support the stomach-loss process, it is therefore recommended to sleep up to 8 hours. In this phase, the body can regenerate sufficiently.

Tip 3: The right carbohydrates

Of course, nutrition should not be missing from Bodify's stomach-loss tips. Carbohydrates are an important topic here.

Contrary to what is often conveyed, they are by no means an obstacle to a flat and defined stomach. Rather, it is about distinguishing the good carbohydrates from the bad ones.

In this way, a healthy diet can be implemented in the best possible way and support weight loss on the stomach - with the right carbohydrates.

The following list serves as an overview so that you can classify the carbohydrates correctly:

Good carbs

Bad carbs

whole grain products


vegetables and salad

White flour products (e.g. white bread or light pasta)


Fast food and chips


Complex carbohydrates are considered "good" because they inhibit insulin production in the body and thus activate the weight loss process because fat burning is stronger.

Another tip from the field of nutrition is protein. For a flat stomach, you should increase the protein in your diet as it aids in weight loss. Good sources of protein include tuna, eggs or red lentils.

Step by step to less belly fat

This guide shows that just a few small lifestyle changes can make a big difference and reduce waist size.

With the three most important belly-loss tips and starting your journey with Bodify EMS, you can now achieve less belly fat step by step.

The combination of good nutrition and the necessary know-how solves the mystery of belly fat bit by bit and so you get closer and closer to your flat and defined stomach.

Exactly the right timing for the summer figure - shall we start together?