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Bodify EMS abdominal trainer Pro in the test: How does the abdomen change in only 4 weeks?

The abdomen is one of the significant muscle groups on any fitness journey. However, abdominal training is often particularly intense and demands clear stamina.

With EMS, too, the abdominal muscles are always in focus. In fact, with Bodify trainers, you can take abdominal training to a whole new level.

But what is really behind it? The new Bodify EMS Ab Trainer Pro reveals this in the test. Can noticeable results be achieved after only 4 weeks or does it take more than initially expected?

The abdominal trainer is tested and examined in detail here.

May we introduce: the Bodify EMS abdominal trainer Pro

What is the abdominal trainer Pro and what is really behind it? With the Bodify EMS abdominal trainer Pro, abdominal training is taken to a new level.


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It is considered the most powerful EMS ab trainer.

With extra powerful output, more battery power and a stronger energy burn, it is an absolute pro device. Exactly the right choice for anyone who wants to train the abdominal muscles in a more targeted way.

The muscles on the abdomen are considered to be particularly stubborn. Therefore, abdominal training is always a real process of patience.

With the Bodify EMS Ab Trainer Pro, the waiting time can be shortened a little. The energy burn is more intense - but is only 4 weeks really enough here or does the test with Bodify show other results?

How do you train properly with the Abdominal Trainer Pro from Bodify?

The Bodify EMS Ab Trainer Pro is an EMS belt that is simply wrapped around the abdomen and waist. The application is not only effortless, but also simple and easy to understand.

You can choose from different levels of intensity and thus increase step by step. While you train at a lower level at the beginning, you should aim for an increase over the course of the weeks and a higher level is possible at any time.

What is particularly convincing is how easy it is to integrate abdominal training into everyday life with the Ab Trainer Pro.

Due to the flexibility, everyone can choose how and where the training should take place. EMS makes it possible to integrate abdominal training into stressful everyday life and the units always find their place in the daily routine.

Bodify recommends a 25-minute workout. In comparison, this is a relatively small amount of time for the first noticeable differences.

Therefore: no previous experience is necessary to be able to use the abdominal trainer effectively. Anyone can start with it and work their way step by step towards a belly that makes you feel good all around.


The test of the Bodify EMS Ab Trainer Pro shows: 4 weeks are not enough for noticeable differences. Although the first changes can be noticed after a few weeks, not after only 4 weeks.

After 6 to 8 weeks the first noticeable results can be seen. The feeling in the abdominal muscles also changes during these weeks. What is important here is consistent and regular training. With discipline and a generally healthy lifestyle, the benefits of EMS training with Bodify can be fully utilised.

However, if you get involved in the process with the Bodify EMS Ab Trainer Pro and consistently carry out the individual training units, you will come a great deal closer to your individual goals for your abdomen.

Due to the more intensive energy burn, the abdomen is particularly targeted by the EMS training.

It is important to understand from the beginning that the process does not happen overnight. However, experience shows that regular training pays off and the EMS abdominal trainer Pro also changes the abdomen noticeably in the long term.


As with normal abdominal training, the correct application is also important for the units with the Bodify EMS Ab Trainer Pro. Only when the training is used correctly can noticeable results be expected.

For example, it is of great importance that the muscles get the necessary time to recover.

The "rest day" is therefore at least as important as the training sessions themselves. Only then can the muscles recover properly and muscle growth can take place.

EMS is considered a sustainable muscle training. With the right technique, regular training and days to recover, everyone can use this sustainability for themselves and make the most effective use of the trainer.

The effectiveness of the trainers can also be enhanced in combination with endurance exercises or other activities. Consequently, EMS training can also be used in combination with abdominal workouts and everyone can create their own personal journey with Bodify!


The Bodify EMS Ab Trainer Pro makes abdominal training a real experience.

It is not uncommon for the trainers to be a constant companion in everyday life and to be integrated into the routine.

The easy handling in combination with the better feeling and the noticeable results make the Ab Trainer Pro an absolutely convincing overall package.

To sum up: yes, the Bodify EMS Ab Trainer Pro is an effective choice for anyone who wants to pay more attention to their abdominal muscles.

A combination of consistent sessions, regular breaks and never giving up will lead to the goal here. With a clear perspective and regular training, noticeable differences can soon emerge.