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Bodify EMS in the big TV test | Kabel Eins Magazin – How easy is it to build muscle at home?

 It is no longer a secret that EMS training has become an absolute trend in the world of sport and exercise.

Every tenth fitness studio in Germany now offers EMS training as part of its programme. But it's not only in the gym that you can discover the benefits of EMS training for yourself. But how does it work?

EMS training sets for the home offer flexible training with all the benefits.

But does it really work? Kabel eins magazine has exclusively tested the Bodify EMS set and answered one of the most frequently asked questions:

Is training at home really useful?

To test this, two couples have tested the Bodify EMS set for six weeks.

But do the two couples finally manage to realise their training goals? How does the path to an individual feel-good body go and how does muscle building work?

K1 Magazine shares the amazing results with us.

Spoiler alert: the amazing effect of the Bodify EMS trainers after 6 weeks

One can hardly refrain from a short spoiler. All four testers could feel the first results after the six-week period. Not only does a completely new feeling arise in one's own body, but also the joy of training in everyday life returns. The testers also report a build-up of muscle mass and, if it was the individual goal, a reduction in weight.


Before starting EMS training with Bodify

As a starting point for the investigation with the Bodify set, the fitness level of both pairs was measured.

This should help with a better comparison later on. The data was collected with a bioimpedance measurement.

The first days with the EMS trainers

As with other Bodify customers, at the beginning of the test phase the couples were particularly aware of the impulses.

In any case, the body needs a certain phase to get used to this. Therefore, it is recommended to start with the lowest possible intensity level.

Especially during the first applications of the individual EMS trainers, the test persons notice the impulses of the EMS contacts.

One of the test persons describes the perception of the muscles by the electrical impulses as more intense and stronger.

The EMS trainers make the muscles contract much more strongly. And it is precisely this factor that makes EMS training with Bodify so effective, which is now proven once again in the test with cable one.

After the initial attempts and clear muscle soreness, the test subjects were able to increase the intensity and make small progress after just one week. It is important to always listen to your body and to divide the levels sensibly for yourself.

The course of the test – that's what happened to the testers

During the entire 6 weeks, the two couples recorded the training sessions and the feeling afterwards in a video diary.

"This is really very very exhausting," says one participant.

By documenting regularly, it was possible to follow the exact progress of the training at home with Bodify.

Experiences such as muscle soreness and exhaustion were thus also recorded.

Yes, EMS training is not much different from conventional training in this sense and you can clearly feel the training in the muscle groups the next day.

The couples also used the Bodify EMS trainers in everyday life. Here, it was no longer about an active workout, but rather about wearing the trainers during everyday activities.

Using the EMS trainer while cooking, doing the dishes or in front of the TV. This underlines the high flexibility of EMS training and emphasises the concept of training at home.

An important note is that recovery between workouts is crucial.

As with a training plan with weights and co., it is important to take breaks and give the muscles time to regenerate. This is the only way to increase energy burn and build muscle.

The conclusion: is EMS training worth it at home?

At the end of the 6 weeks with Bodify, the initial bioimpedance measurement was done again. The test subjects could not have been more surprised. Each one was allowed to experience their own journey to a feel-good body. Thus, the noticeable results are also individual. The test persons not only rated the results of the training more than positive.

The testers also found the EMS trainers from Bodify easy and uncomplicated to use.

The individual trainers are comfortable to wear and are easy to regulate thanks to the different intensity levels.

The conclusion is therefore clear and unequivocal: it is definitely worthwhile to use EMS training at home.

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