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Bodify EMS butt trainer in the test: Feel-good butt in just 4 weeks?

A butt that makes you feel good all over is often one of your personal training goals.

A noticeable difference in the buttocks is often the result of weeks of training. However, training with heavy weights and a lot of patience is often a clear prerequisite for a lasting change.

But is there another way to achieve a personal feel-good butt? Especially those who want to avoid the hard training with strength and cardio in the gym are looking for alternatives.

Not in the mood for countless squats or glute training with heavy weights?

Here the keyword EMS training comes up more and more often. Promises of noticeable results on the buttocks in just 4 weeks through the use of EMS trainers are promising results of the incentive.

But is this realistic? This is shown by an insight into the experiences with the EMS trainer from Bodify.

Stimulation of the butt muscles with EMS

But how does EMS training affect the muscles in the buttocks? The electrical stimulation of EMS helps to physically condition the body, increase strength and activate the muscles.


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Alternating the intensities of the EMS trainers is a prerequisite for effective butt training. The reason for this is that the body gets used to the selected intensity level and after a certain time it has only a limited effect.

A slow but safe increase is therefore recommended for the buttocks.

EMS training works directly on the gluteal muscles thanks to the electrode pads. As a result, the contraction goes deeper into the muscle.

Thanks to the electrical impulses, more muscle groups can be activated, which conjures up the effect of a round butt in a shorter time.

There are various options for shaping the buttocks with EMS training. As in conventional butt training, the choice of different exercises is fundamental.

A combination of exercises, such as squats, with the EMS trainers is particularly effective.


Is just four weeks enough to produce noticeable results with EMS trainers? The short and concise answer to this question is: not in just four weeks.

While EMS training is definitely a suitable method for the targeted training of the butt muscles, the period of only four weeks is too utopian.

Because here too, results do not come overnight. As with butt training in the gym, using the Bodify EMS trainer is a continuous process.

The first results will therefore show after about six to eight weeks. Depending on the selected intensity level and the combination with other exercise units, the period can vary individually.

However, due to the simple use of the EMS trainers, butt training can be integrated into everyday life without much effort. A spontaneous session in between makes the way to a feel-good butt flexible and effective.

Training in the evening or on the go makes it easier to stick to the training plan and to train the buttocks consistently.

The first results from the EMS training

After the first six to eight weeks, you are already a long way along your individual journey. Thanks to the additional energy burn and leg training with EMS, the buttocks can already feel transformed. The experiences with Bodify confirm the noticeable difference.

This again confirms that EMS is a sustainable muscle training, where real results can be achieved through consistent use.

However, it is important to give the muscles a rest period after the training sessions. The recommended time is one to two days. This creates the necessary regeneration that leads to the noticeable results.

Through targeted training, the gluteal muscles are activated. In addition, EMS training can be combined with other exercises to create a varied form of exercise.

The reduction of cellulite through EMS training is also considered a pleasant side effect of the units. Since the training stimulates the blood circulation, the skin can be better supplied with oxygen at the same time.


In summary, EMS training is a suitable training option to achieve a buttocks with which you can feel good all around through electrical stimulation.

Long sessions with weights in the gym are no longer a prerequisite for a round butt. However, experience shows that patience and stamina are necessary to use EMS as effectively as possible.

EMS training is exactly the right thing to train the buttocks in a targeted way. Together with Bodify, you can notice the first noticeable results after just a few weeks.