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The 10 week Bodify EMS test | Experiences with Bodify EMS

Hello, my name is Viktoria (31) and in this article I would like to tell you about my experiences with Bodify EMS.

A few weeks ago I came across Bodify and EMS training for the first time. I've been looking for a training and health routine for a long time that I can do from the comfort of my own home, regardless of location.


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Due to my often very busy and stressful everyday life, I depend on the programme to fit in well with my schedule. For this reason, I came across EMS training with Bodify. I tested the EMS trainers for 10 weeks and got a good insight into the Bodify concept.

To begin with, I would like to introduce the individual products in more detail. I ordered each of the three trainers. The ab trainer, the arm trainer and the butt trainer. This way you get the full equipment and can experience the whole Bodify experience.

The individual trainers for each body area

The ab trainer from Bodify

I was particularly excited about the ab trainer. In previous workout routines I always had a clear focus on the abdominal muscles, but the real effects were missing. Will the Bodify EMS training change that?

The ab trainer is placed on the muscles. At the beginning, it took me a little time to find the right position, but then it was very easy to use. Personally, I can say that I found the ab trainer most intense over the 10 weeks. Not only in terms of the noticeable results, but also the electrical impulses.

(UPDATE) The Abdominal Trainer Pro from Bodify

The arm and leg trainer from Bodify

Of course, I couldn't do without the leg and arm trainer either. The main thing for me here was to build muscle mass and gain strength. These trainers were very easy to use and I was able to use them without any problems in the first week.

(UPDATE) The Arm and Leg Trainer Pro from Bodify

The butt trainer from Bodify

Here, too, I was curious to see how the effect would pay off. The Bodify butt trainer was easy to use and I felt very comfortable with it. Here, too, I felt the electrical impulses very intensely.

My experience in the 10 weeks

But now to the 10 weeks themselves. I used the trainers at the same time and did the EMS training every other day. So I had a clear rhythm and a good routine right from the start, which made it very easy for me.

I noticed straight away that the electrical impulses of the Bodify trainers are very strong. It is therefore best to start at a low level and then work your way up over the course of the weeks. I therefore started with the second level, an intensity that was completely sufficient for the beginning.

In the first week, my body clearly let me feel how intense the training with the Bodify EMS trainers is. The days after the session I had severe muscle soreness in my legs, bo, arms and abdomen. The soreness was particularly strong in my arms and stomach.

I immediately had the feeling that the EMS training was very effective.

However, the first two applications in particular were very noticeable and it took a week for my body to get used to the EMS training. However, I saw the feeling of muscle soreness more as proof that the EMS training really seems to work.

At the beginning, my biggest concern was whether I would find time for the training in my everyday life. But because of the short sessions and the simple applications, it was very easy to fit into my day.

So I started the day with the Bodify training, but still didn't have to sacrifice any time. I also didn't have to get up earlier for the sport. I would not have thought that the EMS training from Bodify could be combined so well with my everyday life.

This realisation did not change over the next 10 weeks. Rather, it became a real routine every other day and almost automatically I put on the trainers.

I was really excited about the development over the next three to four weeks. On the one hand, I could feel my body getting more and more used to the EMS training and a higher intensity level was no longer a problem, and on the other hand, I could feel the first successes.

I could really feel the muscles growing and especially in the areas such as the legs and arms I had the feeling that I had significantly more strength.

After the eighth week, I decided to go one step further. With Bodify you can also order a second pad for your arms and legs.

This makes it possible to train both arms and both legs at the same time. For the first few weeks I always changed EMS trainers, which was much more pleasant in the beginning. However, after the eight weeks, I had the feeling that I was ready for more.

And the replacement pads were just what I needed. In addition, the pads arrived super fast, just like the EMS trainers did when I first ordered them.

So I was able to start more intensive training straight away and put my motivation into action. What more could you want? This was just one of the moments when I had the feeling that Bodify was exactly the right decision.

Super products, fast delivery and good advice - for me, this total package was convincing not only in theory, but then also in practice.

Then it was already the tenth week. I didn't notice how quickly the time went by. Above all, EMS training had become an integral part of my everyday life during this time and I could hardly imagine life without it.

In the last week of my ten-week test with Bodify, I was able to increase my intensity from the initial second level to the eighth level. How crazy is that?

I was completely surprised and thrilled myself at how my body has progressed. But it didn't just show through the higher level, it also showed on the outside. And it is precisely this point that is incomprehensible to me. Because after the ten weeks I could feel clear results.

The result - what effect do the EMS trainers have?


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Through EMS training with Bodify I have been able to see and feel differences. I now feel much stronger and healthier and my muscles have grown significantly.

When I look at myself in the mirror, I notice how my perception of my body has also changed for the better. Compared to the weeks before EMS training, I am much happier and can now say that I feel more and more comfortable in my own body.

I am more self-confident in everyday life and have also developed a completely new attitude towards the sport. Through Bodify's EMS training I have learned how many new possibilities there are.

Especially convincing for me is the factor of how well EMS training can be combined with everyday life. Even in a very busy schedule, a session with the EMS trainers fits in.

Can I recommend EMS training with Bodify?

I can only answer this question with a clear YES.

Because the EMS trainers are simply made for anyone who wants to build muscle or is simply interested in a new way, the EMS trainers appeal.

I can recommend Bodify here, because what better way to do it than from the comfort of your own home and with the results you want to boot?

So if you're looking for an uncomplicated workout routine and want to do something good for your body, Bodify is definitely the place to go.

I can recommend the EMS trainers from Bodify to anyone who wants to try EMS training and be location-independent. The trainers just go along with everything and provide the noticeable effect.

The 10 weeks with Bodify were full of important insights and in the end the results just surprised me in a positive way.

It was the right decision and I am sure that EMS training will continue to bring the desired benefits in the future. I can also recommend combining EMS training with normal workouts. That works great. What more could you want?

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