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The 12-week abdominal trainer pro test - experiences with Bodify EMS

With the Bodify EMS Ab Trainer Pro, not only has my ab workout completely changed, but at the same time I have gained a whole new perspective on my workout.

Is this the solution for abdominal training that is finally enjoyable? In 12 weeks I tested the new trainer and could thus observe the development firsthand. Here I now share my experiences with Bodify.

Why train with the EMS abdominal trainer?

I finally wanted to try out new possibilities in sports. The usual workout routines with the same exercises were simply too monotonous for me in the long run and, above all, could only be integrated regularly into my everyday life to a limited extent.

Through EMS training with Bodify, I realized how many possibilities there are that can bring me to my personal feel-good belly. With less time required and more effective sessions, the Ab Trainer Pro is an absolute innovation for anyone who wants to finally reach their own fitness goal.


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I wanted to test EMS for a long time and the trainers from Bodify convinced me directly. The EMS Ab Trainer Pro as the most powerful ab trainer was therefore my first choice.

But did he convince me?

Everything about the new EMS abdominal trainer Pro

Who is the new EMS Ab Trainer Pro anyway? Before I tell you more about its capabilities and effects, here are the most important facts at a glance.

The new Bodify product is considered the most powerful EMS ab trainer. With the A3 chip, you'll take your muscle building to a new level.

With a total of 15 different levels, you can slowly increase and adjust the intensity as desired. As a beginner, the EMS Ab Trainer Pro is just right.

I also started with the low intensity in the first few days and then slowly increased more and more. So EMS training is really an option for everyone and you can join at any time, regardless of fitness level.

You benefit from better battery performance and also the Ab Trainer Pro covers 30% more areas of the muscle fiber spectrum. Thus, the "PRO" of the ab trainer cannot be overlooked.

The stronger performance and higher effectiveness make the EMS trainer an absolute must-try. Thus, you can expect noticeable differences after just a few weeks and train your muscles in a targeted manner.

A stronger energy burn and a more intensive muscle build-up are probably the most convincing reasons that made me fall in love with the new EMS Bodify Ab Trainer Pro right away.

How does the EMS abdominal trainer Pro feel?

It takes a few sessions to get used to the EMS Ab Trainer Pro, as usual when testing a new training method. Due to the targeted activation of the muscles, the electrical impulses are clearly noticeable.

For me personally, a very good feeling, because you clearly notice how the muscles work and are activated. For me, it's comparable to a particularly strenuous abdominal exercise that works the entire abdominal muscles, which you feel the next morning with every movement.

I love the feeling of feeling your stomach the next day and realizing you've done something. The Ab Trainer Pro activates the muscles even more intensely and most of the muscle fiber spectrum is reached through the electrical stimuli.

How well does it hold?

Admittedly, at first the thought of attaching the device to my stomach was a little strange. However, after the first use I understood the principle directly and had no problems with the holder.

The EMS Abdominal Trainer Pro holds bombproof and feels like a second skin. Due to the flexibility of the EMS Ab Trainer Pro, it immediately adapted to my abdominal girth and gave me a secure hold.

I have always made sure that the area around my abdomen is free of cream so that the pad can adhere better. After use, proper care is important so that the Ab Trainer Pro can continue to hold up well.

How is training with the EMS abdominal trainer Pro?

If the usual training in the gym with a lot of noise, a lot of people and the heavy weights is just too much for you, the EMS Ab Trainer Pro is exactly the right solution.

I have had an incredible amount of fun training with EMS Bodify over the 12 weeks. Compared to the sessions in the gym before this experience, I am annoyed not to have known the technique earlier.

Thus, the sessions with Bodify have been much more fun for me. On the one hand, because I could so easily integrate them into my everyday life and on the other hand, because it provides for a new form of exercise and thus one simply gets a little variety.

I always completed 25-minute sessions during the 12 weeks of my experience with Bodify.

This comparatively short time alone was significantly more intense and by adjusting the individual levels, I was able to constantly adjust the intensity.

The training with the ab trainer Pro is clearly more intensive, as with the voherigen models. You can directly feel the increase in intensity and how the muscles work.

Nevertheless, I would describe the training with the EMS trainers from Bodify as very pleasant and easy. Due to the comparatively shorter units, I have often been able to spontaneously insert the training and could super combine it with my often busy everyday life.

Training with the Pro abdominal trainer has given my workout new momentum and I can finally say that I'm back with joy and ambition - I haven't experienced that as intensely as with the EMS abdominal trainer for a long time.

How soon do I have to change the pads?

Changing the pads is easy and very easy. I changed the pads after 8 weeks .

What is the result after training with the EMS abdominal trainer Pro?

But what does the EMS Ab Trainer Pro do? After 12 weeks of experience with the EMS Ab Trainer Pro, one thing was clear to me: abdominal training with EMS is varied and provides noticeable results.

Not only during the workout did I feel the targeted energy burn and the muscle build-up. I could also feel the first changes in my abdomen after 12 weeks.

Finally - and that after I had waited so long for it. Finally, my workouts paid off and I started to feel good about my belly.

Bodify's EMS trainers have allowed me to bring a whole new dynamic to my workouts that I had always lacked. Too quickly I would get discouraged or give up because no results were noticeable.

When I compare myself now after my experience with the EMS Ab Trainer Pro from Bodify, I can say that I finally feel really good with my belly.

Not only do I finally feel good in my skin, but my belly has also developed according to my own goals. I feel stronger and fitter than ever and that after just a few weeks and only shorter training sessions.

What convinced me about the results from training with the EMS Ab Trainer Pro is that I have become more confident in general.

I finally feel more comfortable. I appear more confident and radiate the changes not only through my body, but also through my attitude.

Never would I have thought that this effect would be so intense. But I've been proven wrong and have learned how much of a difference a new routine can really make to my self-confidence.

Conclusion: never again without EMS

For me it's clear: I don't want to do without the EMS trainers from Bodify anymore.

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Since I was allowed to test the EMS Ab Trainer Pro, my well-being in my body has changed for the better.

With the EMS trainers, I can easily achieve my individual goals and incorporate the training into my everyday life without much effort.

The question of whether I can recommend training with the EMS Ab Trainer Pro can therefore be answered with a resounding yes.

I can recommend it to anyone who wants to finally pay more attention to their belly.

For me, the 12 weeks were an incredibly valuable experience.

Not only did I learn to get a new perspective on my training and my body, but I also found the fun again.
The fact that a result was still noticeable at the end topped the experience with the EMS Bodify Ab Trainer Pro. Therefore, my recommendation to everyone: what are you waiting for?