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German kickboxing world champion is enthusiastic | Marie Lang tests Bodify EMS

Bodify EMS Training has a broad target group. The innovative concept is not only aimed at people who would like to integrate sport into their everyday life in a simple and uncomplicated way, but also appeals to professional athletes.

On the one hand, it is the curiosity about the interesting training method, but also the effectiveness that characterises EMS training.

One professional athlete who has now exclusively tested EMS training is Marie Lang.

For the well-known German kickbuck world champion, training and exercise are part of her daily schedule.

What she usually does through active training in the gym, she now wants to experience in a different way - through EMS training.

Does Marie Lang share the opinion of Bodify EMS customers?

As a sports expert, is she also convinced by the concept and how does she perceive the experience?

In this article, the professional athlete reports on her first encounter with EMS training and her assessments in terms of intensity and effectiveness.

The first impressions with the EMS trainers

Together with another test person, Marie Lang starts the experiment.

She first decides on the Bodify arm trainer, which uses electrical impulses to activate the arm muscles.


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Even if Marie Lang, as a kickboxing professional, is used to any kind of intensive arm movements, this feeling is foreign at first.

She describes the initial feeling of losing control of your body at first.

It quickly becomes clear that professional athletes are also moving into a new area of ​​training with EMS training, which has some positive surprises in store.

In a direct test: Marie Lang uses the Bodify abdominal trainer

With the abdominal trainer, Marie Lang directly feels the activation of the entire muscle group.

In the recommended 25-minute session, she tests the EMS training for the abdomen and quickly realises that she also has to start with a low intensity.

This applies to everyone who wants to test EMS training: start with a low level and then increase step by step.

It is not possible to differentiate between professional athletes and beginners with Bodify EMS training, because the body basically has to get used to the new type of muscle stimulation.

"As soon as the rhythm changes, it becomes a little uncomfortable,"

Marie Lang describes the feeling of the electrical impulses in the abdominal muscles.

She particularly notices the clear feeling that the muscles are being activated in a positive way. Even though she tests the abdominal trainer while lying on the grass, she still notices how her muscles work.

So it can't be compared to a relaxed break at all, emphasises the kickboxing world champion.

After the 25 minutes, she also clearly notices that something is stirring in her body.

Her test partner is also enthusiastic.

He especially praises the easy application and pleasant use of the individual trainers.

For him as a man, the butt trainer in particular has a clear advantage. Since he prefers to focus on other muscle groups in the gym, EMS training with Bodify is the ideal complement.

In this way, muscle groups that are neglected during training also get their attention and can be trained step by step.

An advantage that other customers of Bodify can also benefit from and thus develop a whole new feeling for their body.

The big test - how effective is EMS training for Marie Lang?

The intensity of the EMS training with Bodify also surprises the professional athlete immediately.

Despite the initially low level, the intensity is enough for her to start feeling the muscles after completing the training.

It's a completely new feeling for Marie Lang, who is slowly but surely getting used to training with EMS.

She is positively surprised that just the comparatively short unit of 25 minutes is enough to make her feel active.

She feels her abdominal area after the training and is surprised that lying relaxed with the trainers can have such a strong effect.

Direct successes become apparent after the first few weeks and yet Marie Lang is more and more convinced of the concept of the EMS trainers from Bodify.

It doesn't matter whether you are a professional athlete or not - EMS training is suitable for everyone

The test with kickboxing world champion Marie Lang clearly underlines one of Bodify's important slogans: EMS training is suitable for everyone.

So here it doesn't matter whether you are active in professional sport or are taking the first steps towards more activity in everyday life.

With EMS training, everyone starts with the basics and can work their way step by step from one intensity level to the next.

A foundation that now also fascinates Marie Lang and makes Bodify a new must-do for athletes.

Would you like to be convinced by the Bodify trainers, just like Marie Lang?

Start your personal journey with EMS training now and integrate the training units into your everyday life.