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With EMS to a feel-good bum?

With just a few training sessions a week, you can achieve a butt that makes you feel good all over? No more strength training and fruitless sessions in the gym.

But how exactly does EMS work? In theory it sounds understandable at first glance, but what does the process really look like?

And what exactly do you have to consider if you want to start the journey with EMS training? How can you make EMS training as successful as possible and finally feel good again when you look in the mirror? Here is a step-by-step explanation.

The aim of EMS training

What is actually behind EMS training? The primary goal in this case is to train the butt muscles.

As with the conventional exercises, the EMS trainers are intended to activate the muscles in the butt area and thus lead to the individual goals for the muscle group. So during the process, muscle mass is built and energy is burned.


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EMS training has more than just visual goals. Bodify wants to empower with effective training. Here, effectiveness and comfort are combined to create an effective concept that everyone can use easily.

Can this be achieved through EMS training alone?

This is an important point when starting the journey with Bodify and the butt trainers. Because just using the trainers will only bring the desired results within a certain frame. So with EMS training, you have to look at the whole picture.

So it's not just about training with EMS. The effect is most effective when the training sessions are combined with the right nutrition and endurance exercises. So in addition to the butt exercises, it is important to eat a balanced and healthy diet.

A diet with sufficient proteins and protein to support muscle building is essential. Endurance exercises can also support the efficiency of butt training. Therefore, jogging sessions or another sport in everyday life are a good option. This helps burn energy and thus promotes the process towards a feel-good butt.

Combining the right nutrition with your EMS training

Protein builds muscles

One of the most important rules to follow. It is therefore important to make sure you get enough protein and protein to help build muscle in your bum.

Carbohydrates are not the enemy!

The body must have carbohydrates to function, especially if you want to build muscle. This is also important in EMS training and should not be underestimated.

Calories provide energy

So the right diet should not be low in calories. After all, to build muscle you need about 16 calories per pound of weight. Now is not the time to cut calories. If you are aiming for weight loss, fats should be avoided.

 How does EMS stimulation work exactly?

To help you understand exactly what happens in the butt muscles during EMS training, here is a more detailed explanation. So how exactly does it work and how can you train your buttocks in a targeted way?

The butt trainers are stimulated by a low-frequency current. This is transmitted to the muscles in the buttocks by means of an impulse, which in turn activates the motor nerves.

This results in a muscle contraction, i.e. the muscles contract. Energy can therefore be burnt through all the tension. This is because when the muscles are built up, the body begins to draw on the fat reserves. This process is now identical to conventional exercises for the butt muscles.

What makes EMS training so special?

So what distinguishes butt training with Bodify EMS trainers from conventional exercises? For one thing, you can do EMS training from anywhere and easily integrate it into your everyday life. It takes much less time and can therefore be used more flexibly in any case.

Training with Bodify is made for EVERYONE. It doesn't matter if you are just starting your fitness journey or have switched from strength training to EMS training. Thanks to the different intensity levels, everyone can get started with Bodify and follow their own personal path.

Probably the most convincing point is the effectiveness. Combined with the already mentioned right nutrition and endurance training, you can finally feel the desired results with the EMS trainers for the buttocks. No more long training sessions and inconsistent fitness goals. With Bodify, you can work consistently on your goals and train your butt muscles specifically.

The result: a butt to feel good about


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The results of the EMS trainers are impressive. After only a few weeks you can feel the first changes. If you use the Bodify hip trainer pro regularly and at the same time pay attention to your stamina and diet, you can expect the following results:

  • Increase in muscle mass
  • Strengthening the buttocks muscles
  • Feel good with the buttocks
The result with EMS training from Bodfiy is now finally visible. The important thing here is that you feel good about yourself and can achieve your personal goals. You can see a change and notice that the regular routines here are finally starting to pay off. With each unit you can build up muscle mass again. Thus, step by step, the butt muscles are strengthened.

So to sum up: the results are noticeable. Thanks to EMS training, you can finally reach your goal on the way to a feel-good butt.