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Muscle building with EMS | Experiences EMS at home

Just build muscle from home? With only 25 minutes units and a relatively small amount of time? Finally on your goal for more abdominal muscles and a trained body?

If that sounds like your goals and you feel addressed by the points, then EMS training is just the right thing. Because EMS abdominal muscle training in particular is an absolute experience for many women and the breakthrough to a successful fitness routine.

How many times have you struggled with abdominal workouts and looked in the mirror? If the muscles are just too long in coming, you will quickly lose interest in sports.

Exactly on this basis the EMS training builds up. With little time and yet a high level of intensity, training with the electrical impulses has a positive effect on your body. But what benefits can you expect from Bodify's EMS abdominal training and abdominal trainer?


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Very intensive abdominal training

The ab trainers send very intense impulses to your muscles. You can set the intensity low at the beginning and get your abdominal muscles used to the new form of training.

Nevertheless: even the low levels ensure fast results. You will clearly feel that your muscles react and develop to the EMS training.

Easy to handle

Do you think EMS training is complicated due to modern technology? Exactly the opposite is the case, as confirmed by the Bodify trainers.

Because you can easily attach the individual trainers to your body and, for example, select the ideal position so that your abdominal muscles are activated. After a few uses, this works all by itself!

You feel the impulses

What could be better than feeling exactly during training that the body is activated and the muscles are working? You don't have to do without it with EMS training either.

Because even when training at home, you will clearly notice how your muscles are activated. The feeling is particularly intense with the abdominal trainers and you can literally watch the abdominal muscles grow.

Painless training with EMS

You know the heavy abdominal workouts where your entire body feels heavy and painful afterwards? If you want to get away from it, you will experience very painless training with the EMS trainers.

Although you will feel your abdominal muscles or other muscle groups just after a training session, it is more of a pleasant feeling than pain. Your body is activated by the electrical pulses and the muscles change.

As your muscles grow, you will also feel the change, but this is in no way comparable to the lousy muscle soreness of the usual workouts. If that doesn't convince you!

Focus on the entire abdominal area

What you also know from workouts is the focus on a specific muscle group on your stomach. For example, you can use certain exercises to train the upper or lower abdominal muscles. However, the EMS trainers from Bodify address the entire abdomen.

Here it goes from the upper to the lower abdominal muscles and also the deeper abdominal wall is activated. This way you can use Bodify to build up muscles organically and really work your stomach.

For many women, this is a great advantage, because you can see the first effects after a short time. As you may know, it's the lower muscle groups that take longer. With EMS training you can already see and, above all, feel the first changes here.

Fast results on your stomach

No more waiting and endless workouts without effects. If you use the Bodify ab trainers regularly and correctly, you can see and feel the first effects after just three weeks.

Your stomach will become tighter and firmer and the muscle groups will also become visible. Especially when you've been training your abs for a long time, this is a reason to be happy. Because EMS training shows you that effective training can be completed in a short time and that success on the stomach is no longer a long time coming.

With EMS and Bodify to your dream body

No matter whether you want to train the abdominal muscles or focus on other parts of the body, EMS training is your chance for quick results and a very effective workout. It's about getting a whole new feel for your body and realizing that your physical goals are realistic.

At Bodify you can now discover the abdominal trainer, or the butt and arm trainer for yourself. Get ready for quick results and a completely new look at the sport and your body. You'll be amazed!

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