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Pro7 Taff tested Bodify EMS | Effective for the beach body

Are you ready for the summer of your life? Summer has just begun and it's time for the beach body.

Whether at the local swimming lake, in the open-air pool or on holiday in the south - a beautiful figure in summer is simply the be-all and end-all for many.

Unfortunately, a beach body to feel good is often associated with long hours in the gym and especially with the high temperatures in summer, you can certainly imagine more pleasant things.

Pro 7 has therefore tested training with EMS Bodify with Taff - a variant of how to achieve the absolute dream body for the summer much more effectively and quickly.

But what is behind Bodify and EMS training and what experience has Taff had with the new and innovative training method?

In a short documentary, Taff introduces the concept behind Bodify and tests it for intensity and benefits.

Just the right thing if you are looking for a new way to achieve your beach body. Be curious!

Get to know Bodify and EMS training

At the beginning it was a short presentation of the EMS training with Bodify by Taff.

With two test subjects, including kickboxing world champion Marie Lang, Taff makes the ultimate test.

A training method that stimulates muscle growth through electrical impulses, as already known in gyms - this is how EMS training is described as an introduction.

However, not all EMS training is the same - with a total of three different trainers from Bodify, the method can be divided into different muscle groups.

With an arm and leg trainer, as well as an ab trainer and the butt trainer, the Bodify EMS set is complete and you can start your personal journey.


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The important facts about the EMS trainers from Bodify summarized by Taff:

  • A total of 15 intensity levels are possible per trainer.
  • The trainers start at a price of 35 euros and are easily recharged via USB after use.
  • Muscle growth is stimulated by the electrical impulses .
  • The tester also emphasizes that pain is not to be expected during use.
  • Regular use of EMS training two to three times a week is recommended if you want to get closer to the summer body.

But how effective are the trainers really and what is Taff's experience in the exclusive test?

The big test: Taff's experience with the EMS trainer from Bodify

Of course, Taff is not only about the basic information, but also the thorough check.

So how do the EMS trainers prove themselves in practice and what experience does the Bodify concept offer?

The butt and ab trainer are presented in the exclusive test.

The ab trainer in particular is an absolute favourite and a must-have for preparing your summer body.

Both trainers are described by the testers as intense. Especially the change in rhythm is clearly noticeable and you can feel the activity of the muscles.

The expected effect of EMS training with Bodify is also mentioned.

For those who use the various trainers two to three times a week, it is possible to achieve up to 32 percent more muscle strength in the correspondingly trained muscle groups after only 4 weeks.

However, those who expect pure relaxation are wrong.

Even if the testers make themselves comfortable on the grass during the application, they still emphasise that you can clearly feel the activity in your body.

Even after using the trainers, you can feel the corresponding muscles. A feeling that can thus almost be compared to that after a normal workout.

Conclusion - EMS as a new workout trend?

In summary, Taff's positive impression of Bodify's EMS trainers can be emphasised above all.

A completely new method that has a few surprises in store.

Whether for men who can now focus on the butt muscles, for professional athletes who want to embark on a new journey or simply for you if you want to effectively incorporate your sports session into your busy everyday life.

Your summer start with Bodify

For the start of summer, EMS training with the trainers from Bodify comes at the right time. The first progress and results should show in five to seven weeks.

If you're looking for an effective and uncomplicated way to work on your beach body, then you've come to the right place.

Whether you're relaxing in the garden or working around the house, the EMS trainers are completely flexible and can be easily integrated into your daily routine.

Time-saving and achieving results three times a week in just 25 minutes - a promising picture that is confirmed.

Make your own experience with Bodify and take the first step towards a summer body.

Because it's not too late and with consistent sessions, EMS training is your faithful companion for the summer.

What are you waiting for?