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Just be yourself with EMS training at home

Whether it's the long distances to the gym or the desire for a workout that is as flexible as possible and can be integrated into everyday life without major challenges - there is an answer here. Because more and more people want to train when it suits them best and not according to a schedule.

While training on your own in the gym already offers a lot of flexibility, a concept puts one more on top. Here you will find even more independence, even more stress-free training and, above all, effective training that finally pays off.

We are talking about EMS training at home. But what exactly is it and why is Bodify so attractive?

Train in your own home

What could be better than exercising from the comfort of your own home? You no longer have to leave the house for an effective training session and can simply train from your living room or wherever you happen to be. EMS training allows you to do just that. Training in your own home.

Here, however, the sport goes beyond the classic home workout. It not only takes less time, but is also stress-free and effective. In just a few steps, your own home becomes the place to train. Thanks to the few utensils needed for EMS training, this transformation is uncomplicated and quick.

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"Since I discovered Bodify EMS training, my gym is always wherever I am. It is mobile, so to speak, and finds its place especially at my home. Going to the gym has always been a big barrier for me and has often meant that I haven't even started my training. With Bodify, my training is always with me and I can easily train stress-free at home. This way I have been able to rediscover the fun in exercising." Maja, 35 (Bodify customer)

Training without stress and schedule

What is particularly convincing about EMS training at home is that it can take place completely without stress and pressure. You are completely on your own and can do without the hustle and bustle and other people in a gym or a sports class. You don't have to stick to a schedule or overcome anxiety and exercise in public.

Since stress is considered one of the biggest motivators for people to give up exercise, this is significant to the concept for Bodify. This is about a stress-free workout that you can easily incorporate into your everyday life. Whether it's after work or during your lunch break, with Bodify you have all the flexibility you need to work out the way you want.

"The gym was never the right place for me. I was stressed out by the schedules and the thought of having to go to the gym straight after work to make it in time for class was just too much for me. I stopped exercising, so I started looking for an alternative. And now I have found one with Bodify. I can finally train without stress and create my own schedule. I decide when I want to exercise and can therefore finally start my training sessions with positive energy again." Heike, 41 (Bodify customer)

Train effectively whenever it suits you

A workout that is not only effective, but can also be done whenever you want. This is exactly what Bodify offers with EMS training at home.

It is considered an effective training method that lets you feel the first results after a few weeks. It is an option that lets you train whenever you want and thus puts you in sole charge. You can decide for yourself when you want to train and how to integrate EMS training into your everyday life.

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With only 25 minutes, two to three times a week, you have a regular training session that is worthwhile. Here's an end to schedules in fitness studios or involuntary training sessions.

"Exercise when it suits me? Finally deciding for myself when I want to do my workout and not having to follow anyone but myself. This is exactly what convinced me about Bodify and was the reason why I chose EMS training at home. I can decide when and how often I train and thus find a way to incorporate the training into my everyday life without any constraints. Since I've been training at home with Bodify, I find it much easier to motivate myself for the session and I love being able to be flexible." Jana, 29 (Bodify customer)