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Strengthen your back with EMS - prevent back pain!

It is the number 1 most common ailment in Germany and is therefore also referred to as a widespread disease. Restrictions in everyday life, pain when sitting for long periods and sick leave for employees are among the consequences of the ailment. We are talking about back pain. This is particularly unpleasant pain that can be attributed to various causes.

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Almost everyone has experienced the unpleasant feeling and tension in the back. From lack of exercise to bad posture and stress, but also overweight, many reasons can trigger the pain in the back. But what exactly can you do to avoid back pain in the future? There is a short and very effective answer: EMS training with Bodify. This article explains exactly how it works and what you should bear in mind.

The cause of back pain

The cause of back pain can be multifaceted. In most cases, the reason for the pain cannot even be defined. However, common reasons include the following:

  • Muscle tension and blockages
  • Excess weight
  • Lack of exercise
  • Poor posture

Back pain can come in different forms and manifest itself in different ways. Often, the ailment comes on especially in the morning after getting up or when spending a long time sitting down. Especially in times of home office or overtime in front of the laptop, back pain is a strongly increasing complaint of society. But what exactly is the role of EMS training in relation to back pain? We explain it to you.

Why does EMS training help with back pain?

It is helpful to take a closer look behind the scenes. Does EMS training really help with back pain and if so, what is the cause behind it? The clear answer is. Yes, EMS is a suitable way to not only combat your back pain, but also to prevent it in the future. The reason behind this can be found in the muscle building that is initiated by the electrical impulses. Through EMS training you build up strong back muscles. Your muscles are activated and through regular training your back muscles become more and more formed. This is the basis for avoiding future pain.

Studies on EMS and back pain

EMS training as an effective method against back pain also has a scientific basis. This not only gives a closer look at the effect of the training, but also strengthens the reasons for regularly incorporating EMS training into everyday life. A look at the state of science shows that a large number of studies prove the effectiveness of the training in relation to back pain. One example is provided by the University of Bayreuth, which examined EMS training more closely in test subjects with back pain.

The results are impressive. For more than 80 percent of the participants, the pain in the back area could be reduced by regular EMS training. The study lasted a total of six weeks and, in addition to reducing back pain, also aimed to improve endurance in everyday life and reduce chronic pain. Studies like this show that incorporating EMS training into everyday life can not only combat back pain, but can also have a preventative effect at the same time and stabilise the muscles in the long term. At the end of the six weeks, 30 percent of the participants said they no longer felt any pain in their lower back.

All details about EMS

But how exactly should you integrate EMS training into your everyday life? And what should you consider in order to train as effectively and preventively as possible? In general, EMS training is an inexpensive and time-effective method to strengthen your back muscles and thus prevent back pain in the future.

The training sessions with the Bodify EMS trainers always last 25 minutes. Thanks to this comparatively short duration, you can easily integrate them into your everyday life and also do them from home. The recommendation is two to three training units per week. This way, you can not only train the deep-lying and small muscles, but also build up the back muscles step by step in a way that is as easy on the joints as possible and saves time.

The benefits of EMS training at a glance

In summary, we have summarised the benefits of EMS training to prevent back pain:

  • All major muscle groups are trained
  • Your back muscles are strengthened
  • You use a time-saving and effective training method
  • EMS training can be easily integrated into your everyday life
  • The deep muscles in the middle & lower back are addressed
  • EMS is particularly easy on the joints

Support your EMS training in everyday life

EMS training for the back is particularly effective with a little support in everyday life. For example, you should always pay attention to your posture and your back when making movements such as lifting or bending over. Even when sitting, you tend to slouch, which can lead to back pain and tension in the muscles. Therefore, one should always try to keep a straight back and avoid bad postures.

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A general lack of exercise can also lead to suffering in the back. Even short walks or stretching exercises that you can integrate into your everyday life in addition to the already effective EMS exercises can strengthen your back. This way, with even small changes, you can fight back pain for good and for good. With a generally healthy lifestyle, one can thus not only fight back pain, but also defuse potential triggers in everyday life and thus avoid the suffering in the future.

EMS for a strong back

If you want to prevent back pain in the future and no longer feel like having pain in your back when sitting for a long time or directly after getting up and want to strengthen your back muscles, Bodify is the right place for you. Because then EMS training with Bodify is just the right thing. Thanks to the combination of easy application, low time expenditure and high effectiveness, you get the complete package here. And the best thing is: thanks to the trainers, you can do it directly from home and incorporate it into your everyday life without complications.