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Train the way you want! Workouts to feel good

Doing a workout routine really consistently means a lot of discipline and stamina. Especially when the joy of exercise is missing, this is a challenge. Whether it's winter, when the cold keeps you from going to the gym, or a stressful everyday life where there's hardly any room for a workout - a routine often gets lost again.

This is exactly where Bodify comes in. Because with the right concept, you can avoid exactly this lack of motivation and build up a routine through various exercises that you enjoy doing.

We are talking about EMS training with Bodify, which you can do from the comfort of your own home. Thus, flexibility and variety are the focus - two already convincing arguments for anyone who is looking for something new in training.

Train with comfortable clothes

No more lack of motivation to go to the gym. Because for EMS training, you don't have to squeeze into tight sports clothes, leave the house in the cold or stick to the schedules of the sports courses. You can simply train at home in your favourite comfortable clothes and choose your own training times.

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For many customers, this is exactly the reason why training with Bodify brings back the fun in sports. Hurdles that otherwise reduce motivation are easily removed and sport becomes a convenient activity at home.

You would like to train another unit with Bodify in the evening and can just find half an hour for a workout? No problem, because the EMS training takes place at any time and can be easily started with the Bodify trainers. This creates a feel-good workout that takes place exactly when you want it.

"I used to hate going to the gym because I just couldn't make it out of the house in the winter. With Bodify, I put on my comfortable sweatpants and can just work out in my living room. This gives me much more motivation and the workouts represent an absolute feel-good factor for me." Andrea, 34 (Bodify customer)

Train the whole body with Bodify

A clear advantage of EMS training at home is that you can train all areas of the body. This creates an all-round training concept that keeps you fit throughout. We offer the following trainers at Bodify:

This means you can train your abdominal muscles as well as your arms, legs and buttocks with Bodify at home. By choosing different trainers, you can not only train the entire body flexibly from the comfort of your own home, but also decide how and what you want to train. This gives you all the freedom you need to design your workout.

Workouts to feel good

Bodify's workouts are for feeling good. Not only during, but also the preparation is a comfortable process.

"Before I started working out with Bodify, I never thought I could feel comfortable all around during the workout. The easy attachment of the trainers is hassle-free for me and I can stay in my comfy clothes during the process. This makes it comfortable for me and I can keep my motivation up. In the past, I usually gave up after a few weeks and couldn't really follow through with my training. With Bodify, I manage to do that now and since I also feel results, it motivates me even more." Miriam, 26 (Bodify customer)

Your own workout with Bodify

With EMS training, you can design your workout the way you want. So the decision is up to you and the training always finds a place in your everyday life. This not only creates a lot of flexibility, but also a sense of well-being.

"I can organise my workout exactly the way I want. I can decide when and how I train. I no longer have to leave the house for it and can train in my familiar surroundings. This means I can train in winter and in the evening without having to leave the house again. The fact that I can decide for myself when and how I train helps me to stay motivated and also to follow through with the training." Laura, 31 (Bodify customer)

Start with Bodify - convenient and uncomplicated

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Starting the journey with Bodify is simple and straightforward. So everyone can create their own individual workout and discover a completely new way to do regular workouts. The trainers can also be combined with other exercises, creating a successful mix of variety and flexibility.

We look forward to seeing you.