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Before After with Bodify EMS - experiences after 12 weeks of EMS training at home

12 weeks of EMS training, 12 weeks of continuous training and a clear focus on the individual goal.

I had heard a lot about EMS training before. There were offers in my gym but I never really dared to test it. Then I became aware of Bodify and the possibility to test the EMS training easily at home.


I wanted to finally create my personal feel-good body and without having to go to the gym every day. A tight training schedule is difficult to integrate into my everyday life, so I became more and more aware of EMS training.

But what is now the before and after effect through Bodify, shows my experience in the last 12 weeks. I take you here on my journey with Bodify EMS and tell you what impression I got from the innovative training method.

Were the 12 weeks enough to see a convincing before and after effect? And how do I feel now after my journey with Bodify? Here I share my experiences.

About me

My name is Maria and I am 35 years old. I have always enjoyed sports, but in recent years I have let it slide.

I simply lacked the time and the joy of it. The training with weights was too monotonous and when I come home in the evening, I often lacked the desire and energy to start another training session.

With the EMS training from Bodify I wanted to gain a new perspective. Have fun with sports again and develop a routine for myself that I like to maintain.

I also wanted to finally feel good in my body again and create a varied workout that I enjoy doing.

I did the EMS workout at home with the trainers at Bodify. Admittedly, I was almost a little skeptical at first.

Was working out with electrical pulses from home really going to be all I needed for my journey to my feel-good body?
But I was curious from the start and finally wanted to find out for myself. Bodify was my first choice here.

My everyday life with EMS training

For me, it was important not to do EMS training alone in isolation. Rather, I wanted to create a mix of healthy lifestyle and training to provide more variety.

Therefore, my focus was also on a balanced diet to support me on my journey. In addition, my goal was to combine different exercises with each other. Besides the three to four EMS training sessions, I went jogging twice a week.

EMS training at home is particularly effective when combined with healthy eating habits and endurance exercises. Jogging was the best choice for me here, as I like to move around in the fresh air to clear my head in everyday life.

This variety created a routine for me that always offered me something new.

I wanted to follow through and be able to notice a noticeable difference at the end of the 12 weeks. Since sports and exercise tended to take a back seat for me before I started the EMS journey, I was excited to see how it would develop for me and how different it would feel in my everyday life.

I often spontaneously incorporated the EMS training at home. I was able to quickly get used to the use of the trainers and thus the start was always uncomplicated. Even in the evening, I could still implement a unit and successfully tick off my training for the day.

I hardly had the feeling that I wasn't fulfilling the three to four units per week, since it can be implemented without much effort. For me, this is an absolute plus compared to other training methods.

Who hopes to be able to do without the muscle soreness due to the electrical impulses, is wrong. I also quickly learned that the muscle soreness does not stay away.


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After an abdominal, buttocks or arm workout, I felt the muscles directly the next day.

The journey with Bodify: continuous & sustainable?

The development during the 12 weeks with Bodify EMS training at home was continuous. I quickly noticed that it is the same as with normal training routines.

You have to keep at it and always stick to the routine to eventually notice the noticeable differences. Over the course of the 12 weeks, I was able to observe step by step how my body changed.

No matter whether it was the abdominal, butt or leg trainer - I was able to observe the development of every part of my body. It was especially fascinating for me to actually feel results step by step.

I realized that consistent training pays off and that I can really make progress. Looking back, this motivated me even more to always follow through with both the healthy routines in everyday life as well as the jogging and the sessions with Bodify at home.

EMS training at home is a sustainable training method. I quickly realized that it was therefore different in many ways from methods I was familiar with.

I could feel my muscles more intensely after each unit with Bodify at home during the 12 weeks. After the first four to five weeks, I also noticed the first noticeable changes.

I can say for myself that I always evaluate the journey with EMS very positively and was able to discover a completely new feeling for my body.


Is 12 weeks alone enough to achieve your own goals? Can you create your own feel-good body in these weeks?

In the 12 weeks I have been able to perceive some changes in my body. Not only does a completely new perception arise, but muscle building is also in focus.

My belly, legs, butt and arms have changed throughout the journey. For me, it was the combination of the EMS training, the jogging and the conscious nutrition that ultimately showed the difference.

That said, EMS training can obviously stay with you longer. It can become an integral part of your home fitness routine and be used continuously.

In this way, EMS training at home becomes a sustainable method that not only lets you discover your personal feel-good body, but also ensures that you can maintain it.


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After 12 weeks of EMS training with Bodify at home, I can look back on an interesting and intense time. I was able to get to know my body in a completely new way and also developed a routine that I enjoyed doing.

For me it was a combination of muscle building, new joy of exercise and discipline.

I am very pleased with the EMS training with Bodify and am happy to see noticeable differences. I finally feel more comfortable in my body and the look in the mirror has changed for the better.

So not only have I been able to define my muscles through Bodify, but I have also regained my self-confidence.

The before and after effect of EMS training at home is very positive for me. Especially because of the effect on my everyday life. Because I simply feel better and can now integrate a new routine into my everyday life in the long term.

I feel fitter and more alive than before, because I can now easily integrate training with EMS into my everyday life.

Through Bodify, workouts have thus found a place in my everyday life again, which has had a positive impact in many areas.

I am convinced that the training is just right for me. In addition, it will be interesting to see how the noticeable effects will continue. Because I will definitely not cut Bodify out of my routine!