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Before After with Bodify EMS - experiences after 12 weeks of EMS training at home

12 weeks of EMS training, 12 weeks of continuous training and a clear focus on my goal.

I've heard a lot about EMS training before. There were offers in my gym, but I never really dared to test it. Then I became aware of Bodify and the opportunity to easily test the EMS training at home.


I finally wanted to achieve my dream figure without having to go to the gym every day. A tight training plan is difficult to integrate into my everyday life, so I became more and more aware of EMS training.

My experience over the past 12 weeks shows what the before and after effect of Bodify is. I'll take you with me on my journey with Bodify EMS and tell you what impression I got of the innovative training method.

Were the 12 weeks enough to see a convincing before and after effect? And how do I feel now after traveling with Bodify?

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About me

My name is Maria and I am 35 years old. I've always loved doing sports, but I've let it slip significantly in recent years.

I just didn't have the time or the joy of it. Training with weights was too monotonous for me and when I come home in the evening, I often lacked the desire and energy to start another training session.

With the EMS training from Bodify, I wanted to gain a new perspective. Have fun with sports again and finally lose the excess pounds.

I wanted to look in the mirror again and feel good about my body. I started with a waist circumference of 84 cm and a size 44.

I did the EMS training at home with the Bodify trainers. Admittedly, I was a little skeptical at first.

Should training with electrical impulses from home really be all it takes to finally get my personal dream body?

But I was curious from the start and finally wanted to find out for myself. Bodify was my first choice here.

My everyday life with EMS training

For me it was important not to do the EMS training alone in isolation. Rather, I wanted to create a mix of healthy lifestyle and exercise to get the before and after comparison.

I have significantly reduced my calories in my diet. In addition to the three to four EMS training units, I went jogging twice a week.

EMS training at home is particularly effective in combination with healthy eating habits and endurance exercises. Jogging was the best choice for me here because I like to exercise in the fresh air to clear my head in everyday life.

In the beginning, giving up a lot of calories was a lot harder than I thought. Due to the regularity of jogging and EMS training at home, I quickly developed a certain ambition.

I wanted to do it and be proud of my before and after results at the end of the 12 weeks. Since sport and exercise had taken a back seat to me before the start of the EMS journey, the change was all the more necessary.

I often spontaneously incorporated the EMS training at home. Sometimes I put on the trainers in the evening in front of the television, sometimes while I was doing household chores.

I hardly had the feeling that the three to four units per week were not fulfilled, as it can be implemented without much effort. For me an absolute plus compared to other training methods.

Anyone who hopes to be able to do without sore muscles thanks to the electrical impulses is wrong. I also quickly learned that sore muscles are inevitable.


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After an abdominal, buttocks or arm workout, I felt the muscles directly the next day.

The journey with Bodify: continuous & sustainable?

The development during the 12 weeks with the EMS training from Bodify at home was continuous. I quickly noticed that this is the same as with normal training routines.

You have to keep at it and always stick to the routine to finally get the desired before and after effect. Over the course of the 12 weeks, I was able to observe step by step how my body was forming more and more.

It doesn't matter whether it's the abdominal, buttocks or leg trainer - I was able to observe the development of every part of the body. What was particularly fascinating for me was actually seeing results step by step.

I realized that consistent training pays off and that I can really make progress. In retrospect, this motivated me even more to always do the nutrition, jogging and units with Bodify at home.

EMS training at home is a sustainable training method. It quickly became clear to me that it differs in many areas from the methods I am familiar with.

In the 12 weeks I was able to feel my muscles more intensively after each session with Bodify at home. After the first four to five weeks, my stomach and bottom finally felt tighter.

The look in the mirror and the results that are slowly becoming apparent were the main reason why I can look back on a positive before and after picture today.

In just 12 weeks to your dream figure?

Are 12 weeks enough to finally achieve the dream body? Is EMS really the miracle cure everyone is talking about?

A lot has happened to my body in the 12 weeks. I was able to reduce my fat and build muscle at the same time.

My stomach, legs, buttocks and arms are firmer and more shaped. And that in just 12 weeks. For me it was the combination of EMS training, jogging and conscious nutrition that ultimately made the difference.

Nevertheless, the EMS training can of course accompany you longer. It can become an integral part of your home fitness routine and be used continuously.

This is how EMS training at home becomes a sustainable method that not only lets you achieve your dream figure, but also ensures that you keep it.

Conclusion: what does the before and after show me?

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After 12 weeks of EMS training with Bodify at home, I can look back on an interesting and intense time. I didn't lose as much weight as I thought, but the weight of the muscles also counts here.

Since muscles are heavier than fat, the comparatively lower weight loss through muscle building can be explained well to me.

I am very satisfied with the result of the EMS training with Bodify. I finally feel more comfortable in my body and I like looking in the mirror more and more.

So not only have I been able to define my muscles and my entire body with Bodify, but I have also regained my self-confidence.

For me, the before and after effect of EMS training at home is divided into different areas. While the weight loss was less than I first expected, the effect on my everyday life is enormous.

I feel fitter and more alive than before because I can now easily and easily integrate training with EMS into my everyday life.

Thanks to Bodify, the training sessions have found a place in my everyday life again, which has a positive impact in many areas.

Probably the biggest effect of comparing before and after is my clothing size. I finally made it to 40.

At the end of the 12 weeks, my waist circumference is 77 cm . A result that absolutely convinced me and the decision to finally start EMS training with Bodify was the right one.