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How fast can you build muscle with EMS?

It's no longer a secret: EMS training is the new top training method and not only helps to achieve a feel-good body, but also to build muscle and strength.

But how fast is it possible to build muscle with EMS?

The high effectiveness of the training method is well known and it is known that even small units are enough to feel clear results.

This applies especially to muscle building, which is one of the main goals of EMS training. To convince you directly of the correctness of this statement, the Cologne Sports University conducted a study on this question.

Like many other universities, the central question was how effective EMS training really is. At the end of the study, the university confirmed that the build-up phases were very fast and that clear differences were already noticeable after a few weeks.

The muscle mass of the participants' bodies increased by more than 14% after just 4 weeks. An effect that is convincing and clearly confirms how effective EMS training can be.


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But how exactly does fast muscle building work and what do you need to know here?

Studies have shown that the muscle tension produced by EMS is up to 30% higher than a maximum voluntary contraction.

To see clear muscle growth, EMS training should be performed three to four times a week and fully concentrated. The application causes the body to form contractions that prompt the muscle fibres and support strength development.

When athletes use EMS for muscle training, they usually wear the device during routine workouts. This increases the contractions and the muscles work much more intensively. For your own use, however, it is quite sufficient at the beginning to concentrate only on EMS training, because noticeable results can already be expected here.

But why is it possible to build up muscles with electrical pulses at all?

The reason is the concept of electrical pulses itself. This leads to a muscle contraction, the same contraction that muscles would give when lifting a weight. EMS builds muscle by causing this contraction.

When the muscle is tightened, it performs work to start the building process. This can be compared to lifting weights. Similarly, EMS can be used to strengthen the muscles without moving the limbs and aggravating injuries. You can already see how versatile the application of EMS training is. Not only can you build your muscles quickly, but at the same time you can do it gently and sustainably.

To give a final overview of the benefits of building muscle with EMS training, Bodify has listed the most important reasons:

With EMS you can build up your muscles in a short time

In this day and age, what is more convincing than saving time? Especially when you have a particularly stressful everyday life and sport is hard to find its place, EMS training is a good method. You can achieve great things in little time and work your way towards your personal goals. Just 25 minutes a day is enough and in a few weeks you will already have the first results that make you feel good all over in your body.

With EMS you can build muscle in a very targeted way

Many training methods are primarily about cardio, i.e. training the entire body. Often you want to focus more on specific muscle groups and ensure clear results here. This is possible.

Then EMS training is exactly the right choice. Because with the trainers from Bodify, you can target the abdominal, arm, butt or leg muscles. This helps to notice noticeable results in the specific areas of the body and to work your way to your individual feel-good body. But it is not only for oneself that this has advantages; professional athletes also succeed in strengthening and improving certain muscle groups through EMS training.

With EMS training you bring more tension into your muscles

The external stimuli of the EMS trainers greatly increase the tension felt in the muscles. This leads to more activity and a stronger contraction and so the muscles work more. This not only helps to build muscles faster, but also to keep them fit at the same time.