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Bodify® EMS abdominal trainer max
Bodify® EMS abdominal trainer max
Bodify® EMS abdominal trainer max
Bodify® EMS abdominal trainer max
Bodify® EMS abdominal trainer max
Bodify® EMS abdominal trainer max
Bodify® EMS abdominal trainer max
Bodify® EMS abdominal trainer max

Bodify® EMS abdominal trainer max

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  • A completely new training experience for your abs: Experience the biggest technical leap in muscle building with the most advanced Bodify® A4 chip. Compared to the Bauchtrainer Pro, the Bauchtrainer Max covers 50% more of your muscle fiber spectrum and uses local energy reserves more targetedly.
  • Ideal for anyone wanting to maximize their training: With our Bauchtrainer Max, you can train more effectively at home and on the go, building muscle mass efficiently. It's designed for targeted energy burning, muscle building, and abdominal toning.
  • Varied and up to 50% more effective EMS abdominal training: Your muscles are trained more focused and up to 50% more effectively. The Bauchtrainer Max places even greater emphasis on the lateral abdominal muscles and integrates two completely new training programs into your abdominal workout. The Bauchtrainer Max has the longest battery life ever seen in a Bodify abdominal trainer.
  • Suitable for any abdominal circumference: The EMS trainer fits perfectly as a belt and provides optimal support. It is suitable for every waist size.
  • 25 minutes of intense abdominal muscle training with 15 different levels: For beginners and advanced users. The best alternative to suits in EMS studios.

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    Frequently asked questions & answers

    What is the difference between the abdominal trainer max & abdominal trainer pro?

    The abdominal trainer max is an advanced version of the abdominal trainer pro, equipped with numerous innovations. The two major differences are the new Bodify® A4 chip and an improved belt design. Thanks to the new chip, the abdominal trainer max has significantly more power and can train your muscles more intensely. It places an even greater focus on the lateral abdominal muscles and incorporates two completely new training programs into your abdominal workout. With the integrated display, you can always keep an eye on your training time.

    Does EMS training really work?

    Yes! Bodify uses electronic muscle stimulation to simulate natural muscle contraction. Your muscles are trained and stimulated to grow. Electro-stimulation accelerates your muscle growth and your body uses energy.

    When is success visible with EMS training?

    Within your first 4-12 weeks of EMS training, you will feel the first results. In this time you will notice how your muscles strengthen and your body becomes increasingly toned in the corresponding areas.

    How fast can you build muscle with EMS?

    A study by the Cologne Sports University shows that muscle growth can be seen after just a few weeks. The muscle mass on the bodies of the participants increased by more than 14% after just under 4 weeks.

    Does the body consume energy during EMS training?

    Training with electrical impulses uses up energy in your muscles. Your body draws on its energy reserves. During a 25-minute training session, your body burns energy through the electrical impulses equivalent to about half an hour of jogging.

    EMS at home or in the studio? What is the right choice?

    With Bodify you train all by yourself and can get to know EMS training for yourself. You save yourself the high costs and you can still see a difference in your body after just a few weeks. The effectiveness of your training at home is in no way inferior to that in a studio!

    How long does a training session last?

    A training session lasts 25 minutes. You can choose between 15 different intensity levels before or during the program. Our trainers go through a varied training program which is suitable for beginners and advanced users.

    Care and cleaning

    Before you start your training, you should make sure that your skin is free of cream or deodorant residues. In this way you ensure that the trainers adhere perfectly to your skin, even with intensive use. Once in a while you can wash the pads under cold water and air dry. Remember to remove the controller first.

    What does delivery in 2-4 days mean?

    Shipping is direct from Germany with DHL. This means we can guarantee fast delivery within an average of 2-4 days. You will receive a tracking number for every order.

    12 month guarantee on your trainer

    With our EMS trainers, you're always covered. If something goes wrong with your controller or pads, we will send you a replacement free of charge for the first 12 months. Find more information here.

    30 days right of return: do I really get my money back?

    Yes! You can return all trainers within 30 days and we will refund your money without any ifs or buts. Find more information here.

    How do I request a return?

    Write us a message with the subject "Return" via the contact form. We will arrange your return immediately.