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When is success visible with EMS training? Experiences with Bodify EMS

No matter what the fitness routine or workout, the one question always seems to come to the fore . How long does it take to see clear results?

Most women are impatient here and want to see the first changes on their bodies as soon as possible. Nevertheless, the successes are often lacking and the workouts require a lot of time and energy to show their effect.

Until now, because EMS training is now on the market and you and many other women have a completely new opportunity. EMS training is considered a fast and effective training method for building muscle and strength .

But is that really true or is this just an empty promise? To find out, the experiences with EMS training from Bodify should help you.

When are successes visible here and what can you expect?

How can EMS be effective?

EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation and is particularly effective as an amplifier. The basis of the question of how long it takes until the first successes are visible is the question of what distinguishes EMS training in the first place.

What exactly is key to it being so effective? And what helps your body to finally be able to build muscle?

With every movement you make in normal life, a motor nerve is stimulated by impulses from your brain, which tells your muscles to contract.

It is also often referred to as a muscle contraction. EMS training repeats this pulse to contract your muscles via a safe, low-frequency electrical current pulse.

With the Bodify EMS trainers, all important muscle groups are stimulated and thus enable significant results in a short period of 25 minutes.


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Yes, you heard that right, with just 25 minutes every other day you can start seeing results within a few weeks. In addition, depending on your goals and needs, your personal trainer can also activate the muscle groups individually, which can lead to more accurate results.

The reason for the positive experiences with EMS is that it is a kind of full-body workout. Because the muscles are activated at the same time and the muscle contractions are more intense than with normal movement.

Compared to conventional strength training, which you probably know from previous sports routines, EMS training activates more and deeper muscle groups. This leads to fast results, improved strength, muscle building, fitness and core stability, a more balanced workout and no risk of injury when lifting weights.

The experience with Bodify EMS

The basics are now clear to you and you want to know whether it works in practice as the theory claims?

It is particularly important for you to know that there is no single answer here and there will be no one in the future either. Because EMS training is like any other sport or any other training plan: it works differently for every woman.

While your girlfriend may only feel like she's starting to see her abdominal muscles after 14 weeks of EMS training, you might notice after just 9 weeks that you're stronger and fitter.

Every body reacts differently and behaves differently, so there is no single answer for the duration of the first successes after EMS training.

Results are already clearly visible after 4 to 12 weeks

In order to be able to make the EMS training successful for you, you should train regularly every two days with the trainers from Bodify. It is also important to follow the routine consistently over several weeks.

Because only then does it really show how much power is behind the concept of EMS training from Bodify. Basically, other women report that the first successes were visible and, above all, clearly noticeable after 4 to 12 weeks . This gives you a good point of reference and also a certain motivation to regularly let the EMS trainer become a part of your everyday life .

If you add additional routines, such as workouts or walks, during Bodify EMS training, you can see success much faster and your overall body feeling can change for the better within a few weeks.

Write your own success story with Bodify

You are convinced of the concept and would like to finally experience the positive experiences of other women with Bodify yourself?

What are you waiting for?

You can order the trainers from Bodify today and prepare for your very personal journey with EMS training. In any case, it will be an experience you will not forget and a decision that can affect your well-being and your body.

How would it be if you could soon notice the first changes? When you feel stronger and you can see the results on your body?

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