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Lose weight with EMS | Experiences of a young mother

It is now known that EMS training can bring great success for many people. It doesn't matter whether the goal is to lose weight, build strength or just have more muscles - EMS is more versatile than any other new training method and is therefore widespread.

But that's not all, because in addition to the usual groups, there is a very special target group that the EMS training from Bodify should now address: it's about the mothers.

Especially the mothers who have just recently given birth to the child and are now venturing into a new sport rhythm after their post-natal education. In this case, of course, the focus is primarily on calorie consumption and fat burning.

Is that possible with EMS training and what exactly do you have to consider? To illustrate this, a young mother tells you about her experiences with EMS training.

Why the EMS training?

" After my pregnancy, I took my time with sport ," says Marion, a young mother who gave birth to her child around 12 months ago.

" But then I decided that it was time to do something for myself and my body again. When I was looking for a suitable concept, I came across EMS training and immediately felt addressed. I was looking for a training concept that can be ideally integrated into my everyday life as a new mother and at the same time brings me to my goals. That's why I came across Bodify and the EMS training directly and so far have been more than enthusiastic about the overall package. "

Especially for young mothers, as well as the 35-year-old woman who tells you about her experiences, EMS training offers convincing arguments. The focus for mothers themselves is usually the high calorie consumption and the regression of body fat.

In most cases, this should also take place in a relatively small amount of time, because a mother's everyday life can be stressful. Thus, the EMS training looks like a very convincing overall package that has all these and many more advantages for the mothers.


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How EMS training helps young mothers

“After the initial research, I looked more closely at EMS training. I found out that the electrical impulses should be significantly more powerful and that I can use them directly to use certain muscle groups. That sounded appealing to me and I decided to test the EMS training for myself.”

Above all, EMS training can help mothers to combine muscle building with strength training and stimulation of certain muscle groups. Especially when you want to burn as much fat as possible, EMS training is a very suitable option.

“It was important to me to increase my overall performance again. I was very restricted by the pregnancy and wanted to be able to present my body again. I was concerned with general well-being and a positive effect after sport.”

The young mother describes the EMS training in exactly the right factors. Targeted promotion of certain groups can have the desired effects on mothers.

Losing weight is also often a focus for mothers. After pregnancy, the body needs some time to recover. With EMS training, you can not only work off the additional weight step by step, but also save a lot of time.

With little time to the body before pregnancy

Due to my job as a mother, I am very limited in everyday life. I can hardly make it to the gym, so the EMS trainers are ideal for me. I can do something good for myself and my body with short units and boost fat burning. This is exactly the right thing for mothers, because we can finally feel good again and still don't miss a lot of time with our children due to the long training. The EMS training has enabled me to see a lot of results in a short time and to work my way back to my original weight step by step ."

The typical zones that make up a woman, such as the legs, buttocks or stomach, are stimulated by EMS training. Even as a young mother, you see the problem areas in these areas and are looking for the right training.

I also tried long workouts. Unfortunately, I lacked the fun and stamina. It was generally difficult, especially with my little child. If only you could see great results in less time… you can! I've tested it myself and I'm thrilled. Bodify was the right choice for me, because training at home is something very suitable for mums .”

Bodify – the right thing after every pregnancy

After my first pregnancy, I discovered Bodify and EMS training for myself. Even though I have long since completed the regression after 12 months after the birth, I now use it for my general sport in everyday life. It is clear to me that if I have another pregnancy, I will also use Bodify for the time afterwards. Of course, this is all discussed with a doctor. "

If you are also interested in EMS training after the birth and would like to slowly try out the sport again, Bodify is the right place for you.

The entire set from Bodify with the individual trainers corresponds to the so-called full-body EMS and therefore ensures maximum results.

You can choose the strengths yourself and adapt them to your overall situation and condition. The young mother is enthusiastic about her training with Bodify and is now sharing her experiences with you.

Results in a short time, little effort and also ideal for a busy everyday life - Bodify and EMS training are a combination that every mother should know. An innovation that makes recovery easier and more attractive.

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