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Arm & leg trainer from Bodify EMS | Applications & tips for extensive training

EMS training is best known for its effective training of the abdominal muscles. But the focus of EMS training is by far not only on the stomach.

The arms and legs can also be trained effectively with the new fitness trend. With Bodify's arm and leg trainers, the focus is now on these muscle groups.

A journey to trained and toned arms and legs with EMS - just how does it work and what are the best tips for the most extensive training possible?

The trainers from Bodify can not only be used for the upper arms, but also for the thighs.

This gives you a compact set that makes the application simple and effective at the same time. The set consists of two trainers that can be used for the following areas of application:

  • The upper arm in front
  • The upper arm behind
  • The thigh in front
  • The back of the thigh

The EMS training of the arms and legs is simple. But how does it work and how do you attach the trainers to the legs and arms? In the following guide you will find all the answers and tips for effective training!


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The Bodify EMS arm trainer โ€“ this is how it works

For women in particular, training the arms is not the direct focus. With the EMS trainer from Bodify, firm and beautifully shaped upper arms can now be achieved by every woman, even from the comfort of your own home and without any major complications.

The arm trainers can be attached to either both arms at the same time, or separately. It is also possible to train the front of the upper arm or the back.

The entire upper arm is activated by the EMS training and the effective electric shocks ensure a visible result all around.

The trainers are attached to the arm with the two adhesive sides down. Whether you train the front or the back is up to you. You can also choose from a total of 15 different intensity levels for the arm trainer.

In the beginning, it is advisable to train at the lowest possible level. EMS training then allows for a slow but steady increase in intensity over time. But even particularly low levels, such as intensity 5, have a clear effect and are ideal for the start.

By simply pressing the buttons, the EMS trainer from Bodify can be switched on and off and the levels can be regulated during use.

The arm trainer can be easily integrated into everyday life and will transform your arms into a real eye-catcher after a few weeks!

The Bodify EMS leg trainer - how it works

The arm trainer can easily be converted into a leg trainer. The main focus here is on activating the thighs through EMS training.

As with the arm trainer, both the front and the back can be trained. With the two trainers you can train both thighs at the same time and can thus integrate effective leg training into everyday life.

The different intensity levels also apply to the leg trainer and it is recommended to slowly approach higher levels. The all-round training of the front and back creates a good feeling after the EMS training.

The trainers can be attached and used both sitting and standing, thus offering maximum flexibility.

Using the arm and leg trainers

With both the arm and leg trainers, the device is attached to the skin with the adhesive strips facing down. A particularly central position on the arms or legs is important.

Depending on the intensity or feeling, the trainer can then be adjusted before it is gently pressed. As soon as the EMS trainer sits on the skin, you can start with a low level and then slowly increase it over the course of the training. However, this is optional and it is always important to listen to your own body!

You are also free to train both arms and legs at the same time or one after the other - the flexibility characterizes EMS training with Bodify! The ease of use of the arm and leg trainers makes it accessible to everyone and the short time it takes to set it up adapts to any schedule!

Train arms and legs with Bodify

With the arm and leg trainers from EMS Bodify you get a convincing overall package for both muscle groups. The upper arms and thighs are the focus of EMS training and training the legs and arms is suddenly fun!

Especially in the household and in everyday life, the EMS trainers are easy to use and the training can be designed particularly flexibly. With the different levels and the simple operation, the arm and leg trainers from Bodify adapt to every requirement and so you too can find your perfect level.

Have fun training your arms and legs and enjoy the results!

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