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That is why EMS is the ideal training for at home

Don't feel like going to the gym? Do you like home workouts best?

If that applies to you and you would like to do the sport from the comfort of your own home, then you should now be very careful. Because the Bodify EMS training is just right for at home.

With Bodify you can bring the convincing principles of EMS training home and experience the benefits from the comfort of your own home. Sounds very appealing, doesn't it?

But what is really behind it and why is EMS training with Bodify so suitable for home use? In this article you will find all important information.

Complete EMS training at home - what are the advantages?

Above all, you know the home workouts as a form of training at home.

Here, too, there is already a wide range of offers and from free videos to detailed trainers that can be made from the comfort of the living room, there is pretty much everything here.

But now you have another option: EMS training from Bodify . This is a fitness device based on the principle of electrical muscle stimulation, also known as EMS.

EMS cannot completely replace the general training session, but using it at home allows you to increase and optimize your own training intensity.

Especially in times of Corona or due to time restrictions, the EMS trainers from Bodify enable an effective training session to be carried out at home.


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This saves you a lot of effort and you can start training directly at home after a full day at work. Sport becomes even easier for you and adapts better to your everyday life - and it is precisely this factor that makes EMS training from Bodify so attractive.

The motto is to make the best of the resources at home. Of course, not everyone has a gym set up in their own home, but that doesn't have to be an obstacle to a great workout for you.

In fact, many workouts can be done from home, either without any equipment or now with Bodify's EMS training. With such great tools as EMS workout intensity workouts and amazing online fitness resources, it's easier than ever for you to stay in shape and do a full body workout at home!

What do you need for the EMS training?

Surely you already have a good picture of the principle of EMS training. At the same time, it combines highly professional equipment and modern technology.

So is that even possible for you? And what do you need to get started with EMS training from home?

With Bodify you decide directly for the all-round package. That means you get all the trainers you need for successful EMS training directly in our online shop.

This makes it easy for you, because all you need is a little motivation to complete the EMS training.

How do you use EMS training at home?

You have ordered your EMS trainer from our shop and want to get started right away. The following questions often arise here:

How exactly do I use the trainers?
How do I attach each trainer to my body?
Which intensity should I choose for myself?

The trainers are divided into three different types, each focusing on a body area for your training at home. In addition to the abdominal trainer, there is also a butt and arm / leg trainer waiting for you.

Thus, every muscle group is taken care of and you can choose the trainer as you like and set your personal focus. To do this, simply attach the trainer to the muscle and activate the training.

Here you can choose as you like, especially with your abdominal muscles or on your arm, you use the trainer according to your feelings.

As soon as you have attached the EMS trainer to your body, press start and regulate the intensity. Note here that the different levels can be very strong and listen to your body.

The stronger the level, the more impulses are sent to your muscles.

The best reasons for EMS training from Bodify at home

Did the principle convince you? Or are you still unsure whether Bodify EMS training is really right for you?

Then the following reasons will surely change your mind:

The EMS training gives you the freedom in everyday life

Are you struggling to incorporate sport into everyday life and still don't want to neglect your fitness routine? Then Bodify is the right choice.

With the EMS trainers you can stimulate your muscles during household chores or in the evening on the sofa and do something for your fitness at any time.

The EMS training hardly takes any time

Until you get the hang of the trainer and get used to the first training sessions, your EMS training will take care of itself. You should plan up to 25 minutes to achieve the desired results.

What may at first seem like a relatively short time is actually enough to produce convincing results.

You can implement the EMS training geographically freely

workout at home? Or spontaneously on vacation? Everything is possible with EMS training.

So you can plan your training freely and independently and you can adapt your routine to everything.

The products for your training at home

Which products are best for EMS training at home? The complete set from Bodify consists of the arm, butt and abdominal trainers.

With this equipment, you can rest assured that you have everything you need. In addition, the trainers allow you to use a relaxation mode - a total package that is simply convincing.

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