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Buy my own EMS trainer? Can I afford that?

Because of the technology behind EMS training, there is usually one question above all others: Isn't this training method very expensive?

Most people associate EMS with modern technology, high-quality equipment and a large sum of money, but is that really the case?

If you are thinking about testing EMS training for yourself, this article is particularly interesting. This is not only about the general costs that come with EMS training, but also about a clear comparison.

Because not all EMS is the same.

In the meantime, there are many different ways to carry out the training method for oneself and thus also some cost differences.

So what is the cheapest method and, above all, what comes into question?

EMS in the studio

Probably the best-known method for EMS training is a classic studio. Many fitness studios in Germany have now adopted the principle and offer classes with electrical impulses for their members.

Many people become aware of EMS training through the offers of their own fitness studio. However, one thing stands out: EMS in the studio is very expensive.

You have to reckon with about 30 to 50 euros per application.
This doesn't sound expensive, but it soon becomes so, because EMS training should be done at least once a week, if not more often.

Then you can expect high costs and even a membership for an entire year starts at around 1,500 euros.

For most people, this is therefore out of the question. The gym does have the advantage of the support of a trainer. But since EMS training is mostly done on its own, this should not be your focus.

EMS in a suit at home

EMS training doesn't have to take place in the gym, however, because there are now also enough options for at home. One of them is the so-called EMS suit.

This is a full-body suit similar to the one used in fitness studios. You can either rent it on a monthly basis or buy it directly.

While the monthly rent starts at around 100 euros, the total cost is around 1,800 euros. Especially in the initial test phase, renting is definitely a good option, but still very expensive.

EMS with Bodify

The alternative is the EMS trainers from Bodify. EMS training has never been so affordable and convincing.

Because Bodify makes it possible to test EMS training independently at home and do it for yourself.

At Bodify there are individual trainers for the respective muscle groups. So you can decide whether you want to focus on one muscle group or go straight for the full-body workout.

One trainer alone, such as the ab trainer, costs 49.90 euros. The entire set, consisting of three trainers, costs 155 euros.


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Compared to the other options, it is immediately noticeable how favourably Bodify implements EMS training. In addition, the trainers offer a high degree of flexibility. You are therefore much more independent than with a suit or the gym.

But Bodify is not only the cheapest method. The entire concept is also convincing and there is no lack of effectiveness.

Bodify brings EMS training to your home and shows you what's really behind the new concept.

With Bodify, too, you can feel the first results in just a few weeks and flexibly incorporate EMS training into your everyday life. This makes EMS accessible to everyone and the comparatively low price is also convincing in terms of quality and effectiveness.

quality and effectiveness. This creates an attractive overall package.
It is therefore clear that the EMS sector is not only very diverse, but also offers a suitable method for everyone.

Whether independently from one's own living room or with the professional support in a fitness studio - here, every interested person finds the suitable method and can adapt his or her budget to the offer.

Bodify is the right place for anyone who is looking for EMS training combined with professionalism, effectiveness and the fun of sports.

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