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Effective butt workout at home - Bodify EMS

A butt workout with squats, glute bridges and strength exercises. The butt muscles should be trained regularly for health reasons alone, but these exercises are often the most strenuous.

If you want to see results and develop your buttocks step by step, you have to use weights and train regularly. But you don't have the time or you just can't bring yourself to do it?

How does that sound: a trainer who does all the exercises for your butt muscles for you. You can hand over the butt training and still see the desired results. Sounds almost too good to be true, doesn't it? We'll show you what's really behind it.

Train your buttocks at home with EMS

In fact, there is more behind the concept than just an absolute dream of every woman who would like to have a round and toned butt. Because EMS makes exactly this a reality.

EMS training is considered to be an effective butt workout for the home, without the need for long and time-consuming training sessions.


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This is a trainer that uses EMS stimulation to train the entire muscle in your butt area. It is very easy to attach and after only a few sessions you can increase your intensity step by step.

The best and most effective butt exercises for at home

You probably already know some of the numerous exercises that activate and grow your butt muscles. Almost no other muscle group can be trained in such a versatile way and also offers such a wide range of exercises to do at home.

Among the clear favourites are the classic squats and cross lunges as well as the kickbacks or hip thrusts. Admittedly, while doing these exercises you feel directly that the muscles are being stressed.

But it's exactly this feeling that you now get with the EMS trainer from Bodify. It does all the best and most effective butt exercises for you:

  • Squats and (lateral) squat walk
  • Cross Lunges
  • Sumo Squat with Leglift
  • Dirty Dog
  • Kickbacks
  • Superman with Leglift
  • Hip Thrusts and One Leg Hip Thrusts

All of these exercises are considered the most effective for a round and well-shaped butt. They make you look at yourself in the mirror and feel good even in tight clothes. And now a butt trainer is supposed to do all this for you? Does it really have an effect?

All in one: effectiveness and comfort

The Bodify Pro butt trainer offers you just the right combination. It guarantees you an effective workout that you can now do easily and hassle-free at home.

It activates your butt muscles just as intensively as the most effective exercises of the muscle group and thus leads to the results you have always dreamed of. And here's the most important part: it gives you a comfortable workout that you can easily fit into your daily routine.

No more long trips to your gym or sweaty workouts at home on the mat in your living room. The Bodify Pro butt trainer shows you that EMS training can really work. With regular training sessions, you can train your personal dream butt step by step.

Does the Bodify EMS trainer really work?

You're still sceptical and find it hard to believe how a single device can do all the strenuous muscle exercises for you? In fact, this is where we at Bodify can deliver on our promise.


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Because after only 12 weeks you can see the first results. As with traditional exercise, you start your journey with Bodify at a lower intensity level. The longer you do the EMS training, the more you can progress in intensity.

In this way, the sessions become more and more intense and put more and more strain on your muscles. A process that is not only noticeable for you, but also visible after a few weeks. So we can confirm: yes, the EMS trainer has an effect.

Conventional exercises vs. EMS training with Bodify

In fact, there are more parallels than you might think at first. Because with Bodify you can also expect sore muscles in your initial phase. You will feel as if you are following a new training plan.

Thanks to the visible successes and the effective training, motivation arises and you will soon see that your Bodify butt trainer Pro fulfils its purpose. It does the exercises of an effective butt workout for you and is therefore your faithful companion on the way to a trained butt. The stimulation of the electrical impulses guarantees an effective training session and you will soon notice the first changes.

Are you convinced? Then simply try it out for yourself and start your journey with Bodfiy and EMS training.