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How often should I train with Bodify EMS? | Tips for effective training

After the decision to train with EMS has been made, the question of the right application remains.

Not infrequently, the question then arises as to how often one should actually train with EMS - here it is finally explained in detail.

When and how often can I train with Bodify EMS?

The most important things at a glance – how often you should train per week

Especially as a beginner, good preparation makes sense. EMS training behaves like conventional fitness training and you should first approach it step by step.

The basic rule is: 2-3 times a week per trainer.

You should always follow this guideline.

Especially at the beginning, twice a week is a good orientation, as the load in the 25-minute training sequence can be extremely high in the high intensity levels.

If you have ordered the Bodify EMS set with the different trainers, you now have the option of dividing the training of the individual muscle groups.

This way you don't train the whole body in one day, but focus on a certain area of the body each day.

This helps to use the EMS training even more effectively.


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EMS in your everyday life - this is how you train properly

No matter which trainer you have bought from Bodify, you should divide the EMS training accordingly.

With a complete set with arm and leg trainer, as well as the EMS trainer for the abs, you can divide the muscle groups into different days.

On one day the trainer is used for the arms, on the other for the legs and finally the trainer for the abdomen.

This creates a slow increase and you consciously start the training and get your body used to the new unit.

Especially at the beginning, muscle soreness is completely normal!

For this reason, a 1-2 day break between training sessions is recommended.

There is no need to worry about sore muscles after the first few sessions. Due to the impulse force, the muscle fibres and deep muscles are particularly intensively stressed.

Why you should follow the recommendations

2 to 3 times a week - is that effective enough?

You know the feeling when you have a new training programme and want to train every day.

EMS training is no different. You want to test the training and see the results as soon as possible.

However, this usually has the opposite effect.

Overdoing the training right away and starting the new routine with daily exercises can be detrimental.

Various studies show that muscles build up fastest by training 2-3 times a week.

In this rhythm, you give the muscles time to recover and regenerate in the meantime.

Despite the euphoria and motivation, it is important to understand that the principle that a lot helps a lot does not apply in this case.

The right start to EMS training

Like a well-trained trainer, EMS training with Bodify introduces you slowly to the workout so that it always remains pleasant and, above all, effective.

For this reason, it is recommended to start at level 1 to 3. EMS training is a special training and the level of effectiveness should be changed step by step.

Gradually, you can increase the intensity of the EMS training.

You should always listen to your own body and slowly approach the different intensity levels.

With the right plan to the right results

So it's clear: 2-3 times per week per trainer is the right dose for your EMS training with Bodify.

With these units you can feel the first results and progress within a few weeks. The exact duration can of course always vary, because every body remains individual.

Bodify EMS is a training that can lead you to your individual feel-good body.