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How many calories do you burn with EMS?

In order to be able to really evaluate a sport, the most important thing is of course the calories. It is especially important for you to know how effective the training can be and what you should pay attention to.

So what about EMS training? Are the short units worth it and how does it compare to other sports?

To find out, you get an exclusive entry behind the scenes and find out how many calories you can burn with your EMS training with Bodify.

First of all, one thing is important for you to know: with EMS training you can burn far more calories than with other sports.

Especially with regard to the comparatively short training sessions, the calorie consumption is very high, which makes it an attractive and effective sport for you and many other women.

Only 20 minutes and still a lot of calories?

Yes, that sounds too good to be true, but it works. Because it doesn't always have to be a long training session to get a lot of calories. Rather, it depends on the right training and that is exactly what you will find with the EMS concept from Bodify.

But how many calories do you burn in one unit of EMS training?

Bodify gives you a very precise indication here. Because with just 20 minutes a day you can burn up to 320 kcal during this time. Many women have to convince themselves of this first, because the statement also sounds too good to be true.


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Especially when you see the comparison to other sports, skepticism often arises. Because in football you would have to be active for just over an hour to get the same value.

Even jogging can hardly keep up here. But you can rest assured, because these numbers are true and once again illustrate how effective and successful the Bodify concept really is and what is behind it.

Bodify not only wants to give you the numbers here, but also give you an insight behind the scenes of EMS training.

For many women who now opt for EMS training, the focus is on reducing fat. It's about losing weight and getting in better shape, so it's relevant how many calories you can actually burn.

Women who have already tested EMS training for several weeks can now confirm that after 6 weeks you can expect a 1.5% reduction in your body fat .

Even research takes a closer look here and so the University of Bayreuth has examined EMS training more closely. The focus of the study was fat burning. And the result was clear.

Because in almost all women, the body fat percentage decreased by 1.4% and there were even clear differences on the outside. Especially with regard to the fact that it is only a test phase of about 6 weeks, EMS training is becoming more and more interesting.

Burning calories is the main idea behind weight loss, maintaining excellent fitness and good health. The concept of EMS training is also based on this.

This is to ensure that your body uses all of the caloric intake from your diet with minimal leftovers that can turn into fat.

EMS helps accelerate weight loss by burning far more calories in a shorter workout compared to other traditional exercise methods. Especially when you want to burn as many calories as possible in a short time, EMS is a great option .

So far everything sounds very convincing, but what is behind EMS and what exactly is the reason that EMS can burn many more calories?

With EMS you can burn a lot more calories because it trains more muscles compared to conventional training. When you do a normal workout, such as a workout, about 30% of your muscles are activated.

However, EMS training activates the entire body and between 70% and 80% of the muscle groups are activated at the same time . With the trainers from Bodify you can, for example, activate your arms, buttocks and stomach at the same time and thus experience maximum effectiveness.

This makes it clear: with EMS training you can really get the best out of a session. It is proven to provide effective and efficient workouts.

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