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How much energy do you use with EMS?

In order to be able to really evaluate a sport, it is not only a matter of personal well-being, but also of effectiveness and energy burn. Especially here it is important to know how effective the training can be and what you should pay attention to.

So what is it like with EMS training? Are the short sessions worth it and how does it compare to other sports?

To find out, here is an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how many calories you can burn with EMS training with Bodify.

Especially with regard to the comparatively short training units, the calorie consumption is very high, which makes it an attractive sport that can lead to noticeable differences.

Only 25 minutes and still lots of calories? Yes, because it's true: for a lot of calories, it doesn't always have to be a long training session. It's more about the right training and that's exactly what you'll find with the EMS concept from Bodify.

Bodify doesn't just want to give you the numbers here, but also an insight behind the scenes of EMS training.


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As with other training methods, the focus is on burning energy. At the same time, the training method is also about accompanying you on your journey to your personal feel-good figure.

Even research is taking a closer look here and the University of Bayreuth has examined EMS training more closely. The focus of the study was on energy burning. And the results were clear.

Because noticeable differences were found in almost all participants during the period. Especially in view of the fact that it was only a test phase of about 6 weeks, EMS training is becoming more and more interesting.

Burning calories is the main idea behind balanced exercise, maintaining excellent fitness and good health. Feeling good should also always be central. So the concept of EMS training is also based on this.

This is because it ensures that the body consumes the entire calorie intake from the diet with minimal leftovers that can turn into fats.

EMS helps on the way to the individual goal by putting a focus on energy burning in a shorter period of time.

So far it all sounds very convincing, but what is behind EMS and what exactly is the reason why it can burn a lot more calories?

EMS allows you to burn many more calories because it trains more muscles. EMS training activates the entire body and most of the muscle groups are activated at the same time. With the Bodify trainers, for example, you can activate the arms, buttocks and abdomen at the same time and thus experience maximum effectiveness.

This makes it clear: with EMS training you can really get the most out of a session.  It offers demonstrably effective and efficient workouts.

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