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That's why over 80,000 people train with Bodify!

Bodify is the one-stop shop for anyone who wants to get started with the increasingly popular EMS training. With Bodify, the whole package is just right.

But what exactly is so convincing here and what are the reasons why you should choose Bodify's offer?

Here you will find all the important information, not only to give you a clearer picture, but above all to make you realise that there are so many advantages behind EMS training.


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Bodify can be done in the comfort of your own home

Bodify offers a workout without fixed training times and wherever you want through EMS training.

With the EMS trainers for the body, you are completely flexible at all times and not tied to a gym. This makes EMS training not only much more flexible and appealing, but you can also combine Bodify with your everyday life.

Whether it's work or family - Bodify adapts to any schedule and it's much easier to find the time to use the trainers for yourself and your body at least twice a week.

Bodify is super easy to use

If you are worried about complicated procedures, especially if you train from home, Bodify is the right address.

On the contrary, the trainers are very easy to use and after just a few times, the application is almost automatic. This makes it all the more simple and uncomplicated and EMS training is accessible to everyone.

Training with Bodify trainers is effective

Another convincing argument is effectiveness. Often the uncertainty about whether the exercises can actually achieve the individual goals is the reason why people are averse to the fitness journey. Bodify and EMS training wants to make a difference here.

This is not only incredibly motivating, but it also proves once again that the concept of EMS training can really work.

Bodify is hygienic training

As opposed to the mostly unhygienic equipment of public gyms, it is now possible to complete an effective routine at home with the trainers from Bodify.

The trainers from Bodify are used exclusively by oneself and thus the highest possible standard of hygiene is guaranteed. For many, this is an important point that makes Bodify stand out clearly from conventional EMS studios.

This means that training can take place without any worries, even in times of a flu epidemic, and you no longer have to miss out on the sessions.

Bodify is affordable

High costs in the fitness studio due to too high monthly instalments? Or expensive EMS courses in the studios that you can hardly afford in the long term?

Bodify offers a cheaper alternative. The focus here is on a good price-performance ratio. The trainers themselves are a one-time purchase and so you can buy the EMS trainers for the arms, abdomen and buttocks comparatively cheaply.

After the purchase, you benefit from the long durability of the products and save a lot compared to training in a studio.

Bodify can be applied in a short amount of time

This compelling reason has Bodify forms the conclusion. Here, the focus is on the time aspect, which can be a big problem for many in their fitness routine.

Often there is not enough time in everyday life and even a short workout becomes scarce. Especially after a long day, getting up for a workout is a challenge. Bodify is a very good alternative, because the trainers can be used in a very short time.

Training with Bodify can be easily integrated into every day. You only need a short time to attach the trainers to your body and set the desired level.

As soon as this is done, the session can start and, what's more, it can be easily combined with other exercises - no matter where you are. More flexibility is hardly possible.

Bodify - EMS that convinces

These reasons make it clear why so many people complete EMS training with Bodify. The overall package offers flexibility, effective training and a convincing price.

Bodify gives exactly what has been missing in the fitness and health industry for a long time and opens many new doors. You can start your own path with Bodify and experience the benefits for yourself.

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