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Quarks Wissen (WDR Fernsehen) tests EMS training: How effective is it really?

The program Quarks Wissen, which is known from the German television channel WDR, took a closer look at the EMS training and questioned it .

The focus of the report is above all what can be expected from EMS training and whether the said studies really correspond to the truth.

Can EMS training keep its promise?

EMS training is known as a general full body workout. It's all about stimulating all the major muscle groups at the same time. This is exactly where the key to the success of the method lies.

However, Quarks questions this critically and would like to know whether the studies can prove this. Above all, the comparison to strength training is mentioned here. While the concept could no longer be distinguished from intensive strength training, the results should be comparable.

Quarks confirms this a few paragraphs later, because studies show that EMS training was able to increase the strength of the test subjects by over 20 percent - a convincing fact.

And it shouldn't stop there, because further research also gives a very good picture of the EMS training program.

It was important for Quarks to be able to prove this with studies and to be able to give the reader a clear picture.

The weight loss effect is also critically examined. Quark's knowledge doubts that EMS training alone can really help with weight loss. Nevertheless, the concept seems to be convincing, because regular EMS training can significantly reduce the amount of fat on the body and Quarks is convinced that EMS training is becoming more and more attractive.

EMS training is particularly convincing when it comes to losing weight. By reducing the fat content, EMS training is seen as an effective concept - the article proves this again and again.

But not only the efficiency and the effect were examined by Quark's knowledge. A possible danger that EMS training could contain was also discussed.

One thing is clear: EMS training is only critical for you if you are struggling with health problems. Nevertheless, the body needs some time to get used to the electrical impulses of the trainers, which is something you should definitely pay attention to.

A slow start protects the body and you can always increase the intensity and thus completely discover EMS training for yourself.

EMS works and is effective

To Quark's knowledge, it seems appropriate to combine EMS training with regular additional training at the gym. The EMS training can be combined with other areas of health and fitness and gives you a lot of freedom and flexibility.


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Quark's knowledge thus shows that there is not only one way to choose EMS as the only training session, but rather that it is a flexible concept that you can consider for yourself.

Through the references to top athletes and renowned studies, the article gains credibility and appears professional and yet critical. For you as a reader, you gain clear added value when you consider how you could incorporate EMS training into your routine or whether you are deciding whether it is even an option for you.

It is important that the article makes it clear: EMS works and is effective. The critical questioning proves this clearly and the result convinces even the last doubts.

In conclusion, Quark's knowledge sums up the article well. It becomes clear that EMS can really work and is the right solution for many people.

It can be combined with other training units to create a convincing and effective overall package . So EMS training can be a chance for you to get back into your fitness routine. You can combine it with other exercises and find your own way.

This point is crucial for Quark's knowledge. Because the article clearly shows how unique the concept really is. How much potential is behind it and how many studies now prove it.

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