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Introduction to EMS training

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We look forward to welcoming you to the BODIFY Club! Here you can find out everything you need to know about your new EMS trainer.

You can find answers to frequently asked questions below in the Q&A section. If you have any further questions, give us a call or send us a message. We will help you quickly and easily:

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👉 Online area for EMS training

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Super easy to use. I have all three products and would buy them again and again, you can already see results after the first week.

Maria S. (Abtsgmünd)


From telephone advice to
actual product we are very satisfied in every respect and
can only recommend Bodify!!!

Tibor C. (Weilerswist)


The abdominal trainer is really good! Already after 2 weeks I could see and feel changes.

Lea P. (Stendal)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use multiple trainers at the same time?
Use one trainer at a time and divide your EMS training for all other body areas on different days of the week.

How often should I exercise?
Various studies show that EMS training supports and promotes muscle building. However, the studies have also shown that it is not so relevant whether the training is carried out daily or only twice a week. Your muscles need to regenerate. We recommend training the same body area a maximum of 2-3 times per week .

What intensity should I use and when should I increase it?
You should slowly increase the intensity, start at level 1 or 2. We strongly advise against going to your limits during training! Train at the level you are comfortable with. Because EMS training is many times more effective than conventional training. It may take several weeks before you move to the next level.

The pads are no longer sticking, what can I do?
Read the section under “Tips for use and maintenance”. It is normal for the pads not to stick properly over time. Then you should get new pads.

I think there is something wrong with my coach, what should I do?
Contact our customer support, do not use your trainer until then. We are happy to help you and find a quick and easy solution for you.

Can I use my trainer for another area?
No, the trainers were designed for their respective areas and should not be used in any other way than stated.

Should I exercise while pregnant?
No, you should not use EMS training during and shortly after pregnancy! Talk to your doctor before training.

Should I exercise if I don't feel fit?
No, better take a break from training and rest.

The LED no longer lights up, even after (or during) charging.
This can have the following reasons: The battery is empty or the controller is defective. Possible solution: Charge the controller if the LED is on while charging, monitor the charging process for 20 minutes and see if the controller turns back on. If not, then get in touch with our support.

I feel an uncomfortable feeling under the pads.
Possible cause: The gel pads are worn out and should be changed. The skin contact between the pads and your skin is not optimal, try to moisten your skin lightly with water beforehand. Too many workouts take a break and give your muscles a few days off. If the uncomfortable feeling persists, get in touch with our customer support.

The contractions are weak even at higher levels?
Pay attention to the correct application of your trainer. Possible causes: The pads are not attached correctly or the position is incorrect. The gel pads are used up - change your pads. The skin contact is too weak - moisten the pad slightly.

I have red spots or itching in the trained area?
This can be an overreaction of your skin, in this case stop the training. This is very rare, but then you should stop training. Contact our support for this.

Is body hair a problem?
The pads should still stick well to your skin despite body hair. It helps to lightly dampen your skin with water beforehand. If you have excessive hair, you can shave the affected areas of the body.